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can't get mas files to work

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by speedstr001, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. when i export to rfactor it works just fine ....but looking at other tracks they have all gmt's in trackname.mas and all .dds files in tracknamemap.mas leaving 7 or 8 other files in trackname folder.
    When i load after making mass files i get error can't load mesh t0_s0.gmt in which is in the trackname.mas file...using 3dsimed to pack mas's
    i have tried this on a number of tracks and it never works.
    Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. In the scn file for your track, where it says

    you need to add your mas files so it reads

    where yourtrack is the name of your mas files

    Without this rFactor can't find the files in your mas files which causes the error.
  3. you lost me ....when i export to rfactor locations mytrackname it shows ski.mas and trackname folder thats it.
    So i don't know what you mean by common.maps .
    could you explain this further please.
  4. hi, I m not really, really sure, but dont worry about commonmaps.mas and sky.mas lines, just let them there, follow the steps given by chub, they re right, the important lines are,

    MASFile=yourtrack.mas, you know = gmt files
    MASFile=yourtrackmaps.MAS, you know = textures

    and of course, let the other files out of mas files, SCN, AIW, and so on, dont worry, it s only a question of time that you do well!!!, you can see another packed circuits to see, how they are made.

  5. In your trackname folder will be a file called yourtrack.scn. Open it in Notepad, and you'll see a little way down the list is

    Add the lines

    under them in the way I showed above and then save the yourtrack.scn file.

    It should load ok then :lashes:
  6. Still doing the same thing error can't load t0_so.gmt.
    I did exactly what you guys said.Added the 2 lines masfile=mytack.mas and masfile=mytrackmap.mas. in the mytrack.scn with notepad...
    ???? So then i found the t0_so.gmt. and put it in the track folder only to get other errors tarmacbump then tarmacspec...ect, .At this rate i'll have all the gmt's back in the track folder...something just isn't right here.
  7. hum, t0_so.gmt. is packed inside yourtrack.mas, isnt it?,

    and without packing, the t0_so.gmt. is loaded properly?, If so, I cant see the problem, which kind of object is t0_so.gmt.?, mmm strange, Chub !! any idea?

  8. Hi there,

    As long as all your gmts are in the xxxxx.mas file and all textures are in the xxxxxmaps.mas file it has to be either those files are in the wrong place or a typing error in the name entered in the .scn file.

    Just a thought, we haven't confused you by talking about yourtrack.mas and yourtrackmaps.mas have we? That's just a code for whatever you've called your mas files, not the wording you should use.You should enter the names that you've called your two mas files.

    For example, I have a track called Goodwood1960. So I pack all gmts into Goodwood1960.mas and all textures into Goodwood1960maps.mas. Then add the lines;
    to the scn file.

    These two mas files should be in the main track directory along with sky.mas and the track subfolder. In the subfolder should be the aiw, cam, gdb, scn and tdf files along with the three track loading image files.

    Also if you make a slight spelling mistake with adding the filenames to the scn file it won't work.

    Hope this helps . . .
  9. Ok I just tried this on a simple track I just made with few objs ...it has the same to_so.gmt packed the same as other track and it works....So I don;t understand why a more detailed track doesn't....
    By the way guys thanks for all your help....the reason i want to mas pack these tracks is so i can post them here in rfactor tracks.The packed track files just look better then having everything in the track folder.
  10. If the more detailed track works ok unpacked but not when packed, then it's nothing to do with the track, there has to be some error in how you've packed it. A missing file in the mas files somewhere, a wrong filename or a file in the wrong place.

    If you can't spot any errors, I'd go back to the unpacked version and go through the whole packing routine again.

    Don't give up on it, I remember getting frustrated when I first packed one up, but you soon get the hang of it. And like you say, they are a lot neater when packed [and the file size is smaller too].
  11. i always use a double folder system, one for textures,one for gmts in the rfactor directory.so any missing files can be found easier.
    right click on track folder in rfactor, and click sort by types.then cut all of the textures and paste them in one folder,and the same for all the gmts files into another folder.

    then i use the maseditor.

    isnt. to_so.gmt the main track

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  12. hi, dont give up!!!!!, as chub said, check names, the files location, and so on, I recomend you start again, sometimes We spend more time trying to detect an error that doing it again, I use to do this, first remake it, usually it works, so I can relax, Ok I get it, but keeping the "bad files", and in "those cold dark winter nights", i m going to see what the hell happens with those "cold dark object", ;), cause it is interesting to know why errors happen, isnt it?

  13. Hi guys, I've been having problems with this too. Tried it as you instructed but I'm getting the error,
    "Error opening MAS file SKY MAS"

    Any ideas? All files seem to be in the proper xxx.mas and xxxmaps.mas and in the proper folders.
  14. sky.mas should be in the track folder root directory.


    and the scnfile. should look like this: