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Can't get it to work Vista 64 bit

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Ivo Simons, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Followed everything in this guide.


    But when i install the starforce patch it ask to reboot but i cancel.
    After that i try to run GTL and it says "Protection something" Reboot yes or no. I also don't see where i need to put the cd key. But when i reboot the PC i can start vista anymore because of a error with a driver. And i need to recover Vista again. Already did this 5 times. :thinking:
  2. I had this problem too, give me some time and I will try to remember how I got around it!

    I assume you are running in administrator mode?
  3. Yes. I have UAC account also on off. :)
  4. cool, I know that caused me no end of problems!
  5. which post instructions did you follow Ivo, I know that the patch has been moved, so if you follow (to the absolute letter!) the instructions in post 1, 25 and use the starforce driver from post 95 that should work! Painful I know, but it will work!
  6. You guys going to be joining us soon then for some retro racing :)
  7. I got the update from here.


    And i am trying this now.

  8. Possibly, got a bit of learning to do on this game first, the handling etc is way different to GTR! I'm also starting to play about with RBR, and Forza 3 is coming, so my racing time is already spread about quite a bit!
  9. Woot! It worked!

    I followed Post 25 and this one works. :good:

    Thanks. :)

  10. nice one, glad it was successful for you