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Can't get a Full Replay to Record using Fraps

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Roger Snead, May 7, 2013.

  1. Hello to all.
    I have Fraps installed and am trying to record a replay of a short 6 lap race. I am new to Fraps and PC sims in general, so please bear with me.
    I only have a laptop with low specs, but it runs the older sims just fine, and have recorded RSRBR movies using Fraps . After running a stage in RSRBR, I just select Replay, and press RECORD key I have mapped for Fraps, and it works great. If I want, I can upload to You Tube and all is fine.

    With FTruck it is different. When I am done with a race the Checkered flag shows up and no Option is there after the race for Replay.I have "Instant Replay" mapped in Options>>Controls. Fraps counter is on, and I hit the Instant Replay key I have assigned,when Race is over (while still on track) but only the last 1 minute or less comes up, and then I can hit the Fraps record key, and it will record, and I can go to my Fraps file, and play and view that 1 minute.

    How though do I record all six laps from the very beginning with Rolling Start until the last truck crosses the finish line.

    My PC is not powerful enough to record the race "Live", as it comes out a little choppy, like it will do in RSRBR. I have to Record it in Replay to work smooth.

    PLEASE...What am I doing wrong? Is Instant Replay not made to replay the whole Race session?
    Could someone please tell me what to do , once all the vehicle cross the finish line?
    Step by step in simple terms? I would be extremely thankful.

    BTW, I looked in F Truck>> "Replay Fridge">>Movies, and there is a bunch of every single thing I have ever done in there, but it has a .vcr extension on it and can't open any, and don't think I need or want to to anyway. Actually, I want to stop them from being placed in the replay File. Turn it off, if, you might say.I deleted all that were there.

    I really would appreciated someone taking a few minutes to help out a PC noob.

    RBR is just so simple,as it is right there in the menu as an option. As soon as the race/stage is over, you click replay, and then click "R" (assigned) on keyboard for Fraps to start, and press "R" again when replay ends. Then it is in your Fraps folder.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Do the following, and let me know if you understand it then :).

    Open your Formula Truck game.
    Select REPLAY (2nd to last option I believe) in the main screen
    On the middle right, there is a box with all your replay files listed (those are the same .vcr files as you mention above)
    Select the replay you want to view, and play it. Click on the silver arrow on the top right corner when viewing to see it full screen.

    That is the way to view a replay. I believe there is also an option to export the replay, but I havent used that before.
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  3. This is the correct method, the export feature is incredibly slow
    so replay, full screen, press Enter to remove the control panel on the screen, start the replay with the right arrow, fast-forward and back arrow keys, to change angles use Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down, switching between the cars with the + and - then you done
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  4. Hey Zeb
    i exported a video today, and its mind numbingly slow to the point i cried.....lol and you can only have a max resolution of 800x600....WTH ?
    someone needs to tell the developers that weve moved on from 4:3 ratio displays, oh and not forgetting HD.

    but yeah marco has hit the nail on the head :)
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  5. First off....Thanks to all who responded. I have been monitoring my emails all day and NOTHING, so I decided to come take a look first hand, and here are three posts! I checked my profile, and made sure all the alerts were checked...they were.
    Anything is possible after I can plainly see REPLAYS as clear as can be on the main menu page! I can't believe it! How in the world could I miss that?:rolleyes:
    Thanks to all, even you Orp..lol

    I since have erased all the replays in the file so, I am unable to report that it is working until I play again....perhaps tonight. I will keep you posted Marco, Michael, and Orp.

    Man, that's ridiculous...lol :speechless: Thanks again to all.
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  6. Hi mate
    My FRAPS video below of formula truck was recorded at 1920x1080 and at 60 fps, but I had to downgrade it to 30 fps for you tube...... :(
    So you see 1920x1080 vs 800x600 is a big lot of more detail and clarity.
    That's why my video looks good zeb :)

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  7. Update as promised. I got Fraps working just fine last night, but then the Upload to YT just froze for about 6hrs. while I was sleeping. Always something when you are trying to do everything on a cheap laptop.:rolleyes:
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  8. Yes, I got it now, so simple, don't know what I was thinking.:rolleyes: Thanks for helping. Thanks to Michael and Glen as well.
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