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Can't find a Focus WRC 2005 sound file

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Jakub Sulej, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. I wanted to change a sound file in Ford Focus WRC 2005, I found a 2003 version, but in 2005 Focus it does't work, how can I change a Focus 2005 file if there is not in catalogue this version( there is something which makes 2005 ver. working, but how? ) If somebody could help I would be very garteful.
  2. I don't know which engine sound you have found, so I can't be specific about how to swap that one for your Subaru 2005 in RSRBR2010.
    However, I have swapped sound files from one car to another, and here is how to do it.

    Please note: This involves changing data within RSRBR2010, so don't attempt it if you are not familiar with altering files manually. Also, make sure you create Backups of relevant files in case you have a problem.

    First up, RSRBR2010 changes files from the default game each time you run it. So you need to make the changes within RSRBR2010.

    In the following, I will give you the example of swapping the Subaru wrc 2003 engine sound to the Subaru wrc 2005.

    1. First, find out which engine sound file is used for the Subaru wrc 2003 (the sound you want to use).
    2. Go to your RBR/RSRBR2010 folder and then go to Sounds.Sav/Engines folder.
    3. Open A8W-03.ini using Notepad.
    4. Look for the Subaru Impreza 2003 lines ( should be car 6). The second line will show which Engine file is used (Car6=WRC_subaru_03a)

    Now, to change the Car you want to drive:

    5. Open A8W-05.ini (Make a Backup first)
    6. Look for the Subaru lines (should be Car 0). The second line will have the engine file used for this car (Subaru_Impreza_03_c1)
    7. You need to change this engine file to the one from the Subaru 2003.
    8. Change the line Car0=Subaru_Impreza_03_c1 to Car0=WRC_subaru_03a.
    9. Save the new file. You should now have the Subaru 2003 engine in the Subaru 2005.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but I wanted you to understand how it works, so that you can swap other engines if you ever want to.
  3. I just realised I used the Subaru as an example instead of the Ford Focus. Sorry.
    The procedure is the same but if you want the specific file changes for the Focus, let me know.

    EDIT: Here are the relevant files for the Focus.

    Ford Focus 2003: Car1=WRC_focus03

    Ford Focus 2005: Car3=Ford_Focus_06_d1

    So your new Focus 2005 engine sound line in the A8W-05.ini file should read:

  4. Oh, big thanks for you, now I'm able to change many sounds in RBR now. Thanks