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Cant even start the game :(

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Matthew Parr, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. I Cant even start the game :( and i just bought it :( It says it Cant fine CORESHADERS.MAS! Does anybody know what to do :(

    Any Help would Be Greatly Apreciated

    Matt Parr
  2. You need to give more info, Operating system, Graphics card and driver version.

    Thank you
  3. 2.4 ghz 2048MB , Intel Core 2 Quad , 3327 RAM ( 4GB installed but comp only reads 3 :( ) , NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 1901MB Oh yea and Windows Vista Build 6000 :S dunno what the last bt is thoe :(
  4. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes
    Premium Member

    Matt, is this a completely standard / default installation? Or have you installed any mods yet?

    If it is a default installation only, I would suggest you try a re-install.
  5. Ive already installed some mods :S or should i reinstall ? and then put the the mods on ?
  6. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes
    Premium Member

    Looking at the error message, i'd say one of the mods has caused the problem. I'd remove the mods, and check each installation before adding more mods.
  7. I think so to, a new install is the best option .
    Ive never seen that error message before ?
    Try a clean install and run some laps before you install other mods.
    What mods are we talking about ??
  8. Ok Thankyou :) Ive got Supercopa,Lexus ,Opel Corsa A, UK National Hotrods and BMW 1 Series Cup(because me dad got one :) lol )
  9. Just re-installde it and it works now :D
  10. Ok :thumb:
  11. Glad you got your problem sorted (answered a question i was going to ask as well :) )

    as with your memory issue (only reading 3GB) are you running Vista 32bit? if so it is only capable of a maximum of 3.5GB, you would need Vista64 to read the full 4GB.
  12. Ye its 3327 it says it reads :( how would it get the 64bit version? But 3gb good enough to run full graphics ;) Its only about 1 month old :) lol My auntie and uncle bought it for me supposidly for 'school, ;)
    But as its the holidays am racing instead and will carry on but wont be able to come racing as much :(
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