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Cant even start the game :(

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Matthew Parr, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. I Cant even start the game :( and i just bought it :( It says it Cant fine CORESHADERS.MAS! Does anybody know what to do :(

    Any Help would Be Greatly Apreciated

    Matt Parr
  2. You need to give more info, Operating system, Graphics card and driver version.

    Thank you
  3. 2.4 ghz 2048MB , Intel Core 2 Quad , 3327 RAM ( 4GB installed but comp only reads 3 :( ) , NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 1901MB Oh yea and Windows Vista Build 6000 :S dunno what the last bt is thoe :(
  4. Matt, is this a completely standard / default installation? Or have you installed any mods yet?

    If it is a default installation only, I would suggest you try a re-install.
  5. Ive already installed some mods :S or should i reinstall ? and then put the the mods on ?
  6. Looking at the error message, i'd say one of the mods has caused the problem. I'd remove the mods, and check each installation before adding more mods.
  7. I think so to, a new install is the best option .
    Ive never seen that error message before ?
    Try a clean install and run some laps before you install other mods.
    What mods are we talking about ??
  8. Ok Thankyou :) Ive got Supercopa,Lexus ,Opel Corsa A, UK National Hotrods and BMW 1 Series Cup(because me dad got one :) lol )
  9. Just re-installde it and it works now :D
  10. Ok :thumb:
  11. Glad you got your problem sorted (answered a question i was going to ask as well :) )

    as with your memory issue (only reading 3GB) are you running Vista 32bit? if so it is only capable of a maximum of 3.5GB, you would need Vista64 to read the full 4GB.
  12. Ye its 3327 it says it reads :( how would it get the 64bit version? But 3gb good enough to run full graphics ;) Its only about 1 month old :) lol My auntie and uncle bought it for me supposidly for 'school, ;)
    But as its the holidays am racing instead and will carry on but wont be able to come racing as much :(
Thread Status:
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