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Can't Decline Ferrari Contract

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Chant, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    I just won season 2 title after spa (won every race) and now ferrari have offered me 18,500,000 for driver #2, but i cant reject the offer like the other teams.

    Also I have noticed if I am looking at my team (Red Bull) in the agent list, it says my team mate is Webber, but its actually Vettel!?:confused:
  2. Sound to me like you have found 1 of the many bugs in the game.

    just like to ask what are you playing the game on PC/Xbox360/PS3 just so as other members can look out for it thanks
  3. mmm probably red bull is no going to renew you contract, and your need a team to start the next season
    did you choose as you rival someone of ferrari?

    PD. The teammate bug happens to me too.
  4. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Ah, xbox 360.

    My rival was alonso chosen because you get the achievement for chosing the toughest rival [closest in championship]
  5. Maybe the game know you will not get offered a contract by any more teams (unlikely if you only at spa) but maybe.
  6. That could be the case alright im playing on 360 and havent had this problem at all but if it does happen i will let you know
  7. Solution:

    In every race from now until the end of season make sure you take Alonso completely out in each race. Ferrari should change their mind about a contract for you.
    If you have reluctantly agreed to sign and they withdraw, don't forget to sue for breach of contract.
    If they still insist on you joining then refuse to do any practice (if you do go out make sure you damage your car), qualify last, then in the race wait for Alonso to lap you and drive him off the road. Make full use of your comments to the press whenever possible They should sack you before the first European race.


    Or it could be a bug - if I am made to sign for Ferrari as No2 driver the game goes straight back to Codemasters for a refund.:wink:
  8. basically sabotage the team and get sacked good approach but if it were me i would sign with them ferrari rocks
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Nope, keep getting offers from others (especially lotus - my team in season 1)
  10. I had kinda the same problem in 1st season... took Alonso as my rival and when I beat him got a contract offer by ferrari and was unable to decline the offer to get a better which was possible with all the other offers I got thru the season.
    Could be a bug or maybe ferrari is the sort of a team that only makes an offer once take it or leave it.. :)
  11. that could be the case alright ferrari are just selfish if you dont want to sign with them just ignore them they might leave you alone
  12. I had exactly the same scenario except reversed. I was at ferrari and couldn`t decline the red bull offer so i just ended up taking it. And it was also after i won the championship in the 2nd season. Lets hope the patch sorts this
  13. maybe since you beat Alonso then the rival team that you beat will only offer a set contract with no negotiation so would be no need to decline if that makes sense :p
  14. I did the exact same thing picked alonso as my rival beat him but just accepted the offer now im in season 3 and im with ferrari and lovin it
  15. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Thing is, I actually hate ferrari. With a passion. Even before the team orders - legalised cheating. Especially that Alonso. He so childish I want to strangle him.
  16. each to their own thats all i can say i on the other hand love ferrari and probably wouldnt strangle alonso for that reason lol
  17. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    What you have to remember is that all ferraris are fiat pandas in disguise!
  18. very fast fiat pandas in disguise :) in fact about 150 mph faster fiat pandas in disguise LOL
  19. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Looks like I may have to take this offer up as red bull haven't offered to renew despite putting the car on pole for all but 1 race, and winning ALL races in the season, World Drivers Championship, and Constructors Championship. The other options are HRT or Lotus (again) so unfortunately my options lie only with the dirty cheating italian team with the red cars. Booo!
  20. hrt would be better than "dirty cheating italian team with red cars" if you feel so badly bout them lol