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Can't connect SimHub with ETS2

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by Rui Vasconcelos, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Rui Vasconcelos

    Rui Vasconcelos

    I need help!
    I assemble the "DIY SIM RACING DASH DISPLAY" according the video on Youtube by amstudio. When i start SimHub it shows the clock on the displays. I already put the plugin on to the folder win_86 for Ets2. I have donated and install the license. When i start the Ets2, the game don't show the message from SDK and the dash display don't work when i start to drive on Ets2. Can anyone please help me? I don't know what i'm doing wrong.
    Thank you
    Best regards
  2. Leonhearth


    Are you sure you are using the right startup , if you place the dll for the x86 in the x64 map it wont work. so pick the x64 dll place in in the X64 map ! ( also dont forget to create a " plugins " map inside the x86 / x64 map in there the dll needs to be ! .
  3. FrAnItO


    Hi, the same thing is happening to me. Before formatting, it worked without problems. I do not understand what the reason is, I added other plugins like the telemetry master and run it without problems. I have done several tests but I still can not make it work ...