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Can't change difficulty

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Billy Pilgrim, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Just started playing this.

    It looks pretty good. But I can't change the difficulty. I somehow had the misfortune of setting it to Novice, and now I can't change it.

    Can someone help?

    How can I set it to Get Real? I've mannaged to do this in RRRE, but not DTM E.
  2. Billy you do that when you actually get ready to enter a race, its one of the last options you can set before you actually enter the race itself. The menu should be the exact same in DTME as it is in R3E if I recall correctly. I'll check it when I get home today if you haven't figured it out yet. I spent most of the weekend playing R3E and didn't play DTME.
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  3. Thanks for your help, Blkout. I read your reply and went to look again. I found it. Somehow I had totally overlooked that page's existence as a menu where choices could be made.
    I'm really enjoying this sim.
  4. No problem, I know some people hate the menus in R3E and DTME but I like them once you get used to how they operate. One thing I do like about how SimBin handles their games and add-ons is that if you set your options for any one of their games, it retains those settings in each of their add-ons, same with R3E and DTME so even though those two are treated like two seperate games, they share the same settings. Set it for one and it applies to both.
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