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Can't bring myself back to play this game

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jamie R, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Well I've been using the 1 free month iRacing offer and it really is amazing. Can really feel everything that's going on so much more.

    But now the car's in GTR Evo feel really dull and lifeless and the quality of the game feels really low now.. For instance, collisions are awful, the cars feel like they are made out of brick! I think this is the biggest reason for bad racing on this game too. On iRacing, it's not really the safety rating you worry about, it's the fact that if you knock someone too hard, you'll both lose control and if you don't, your car will either have a huge dent that limits your view or you will have buckled your wheel.

    Just wish iRacing wasn't so expensive or that Simbin would make this feel more of a simulator and less of a simulator for people just getting into the genre..
  2. GTR Evolution i feel is better than iRacing ive had iRacing twice and twice ive come away feeling dissapointed. It still uses some elements of NASCAR Racing 2003 which isnt good, and the damage on iRacing is over the top, i can remember i tapped the rear of someone at no more than 20mph and it completely ruined the front end of my car
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    20mph can cause a lot of damage actually :) Trying driving a car into a wall with 20mph and see how the front looks :D
    (disclaimer: do not try this at home for real)
  4. no but i mean really undriveable damage.
  5. It's not that undrivable, just depends on the angle. If you hit on the front wheel then yeh, it's going to be undriveable. It is kinda over the top, but a lot better than Evo's, where you can go do road speeds and crash without any damage.

    I'm kinda getting back into this game, just a few things that still bother me.
  6. I only did a month with iRacing b4 it was available to the public and it made me a much better sim driver. It's a gr8 sim, but far too expensive for me.

    The good thing about Evo, GTR2 etc is the variety. Racing fields with FWD vs RWD, mixed classes and so on.

    I think I appreciate games like Evo more having driven iRacing.
  7. Hopefully as iRacing gets more licences and support from organisations like NASCAR etc. they get more income and subscription will go down. I mean, a pay-to-play sim sounded stupid to me from day 1. I played for a bit of practice, and th damage is very sever for the slightest of knocks. Also, your safety rating is affected by touching the grass, which is just bogus. The sounds need a bit of work, and it needs more international tracks. But I'd imagine these things would change over time... I hope so, it has GREAT potential...
  8. I know what you mean Jamie, the biggest difference for me is the way the cars feel. The cars tell me a lot more in iRacing than they do in GTR Evo, I find it much easier to learn a track and after a couple hours get up to speed on it in iRacing than GTR because at every turn I can feel how the car is reacting and know if I can push much more of if I need to back off. GTR Evo and Race can be really fun in the right cars, I think the GT Pro cars feel pretty good and are fun to drive, as well as the WTCC cars. Some of the other cars in the game just feel awful though, the DBRS9 we raced last night at Brno had very poor feeling FFB, it felt like a lot of it was just the weight transfer of the car, it was hard to get a reading on what the car was doing exactly and how much harder I could push it.

    I also love the ability to be able to hop on at nearly any time during the day and find a good quality race going on. If you have the stamina you can pretty much race non stop: ex. Skip Barber @ 1:15, ends around 1:50-55 then Legends oval at 2:00, ends around 2:15-2:20, Spec Racer Ford at 2:30, ends around 3:00 then start it all over again with the Skip at 3:15. I've tried it once and by the time I got to the spec racer ford race I was worn out and didn't do too well.

    It's expensive, yes, but it's very worth it for me. I'm willing to pay $20 a month so that I can just hop on my computer and find a good race when I would like. So far I've payed for one month(after the free trial) and purchased one car and track(Skip Barber F2000 and Sebring). There is a pretty solid amount of content that comes with the subscription to keep you occupied for a while. You've got the Solstice and a 4 week season of that to get your license up to class D, or once your safety rating is a 3.0 you can race the spec racer ford, which is quite a bit of fun and all of the tracks in the season are included for free. The spec racer is fun, but I like the Skip a lot more. To compete in the season I had to purchase the car($15) and 3 Tracks(Sebring $25, VIR $25, Infineon $20). Thats more than a normal game, but I know that at the very least I'll be getting 12 solid weeks of racing out of that content, and with how much fun the skip is I can see myself racing it for many more seasons.

    If you only have time to do a race or two a week iRacing may not be so appealing, but if you've got a lot of free time to race with iRacing will eat up all of that free time.
  9. To me, there's no reason iRacing couldn't be sold digitally for a one-time fee. $49.99 for say three series, and then $9.99 for additional series. I'd be more willing to pay $50 and buy a few add-ons at $10 than to pay $19 a month once and say "**** it, I'll go buy a complete game".
  10. I agree, Dustin.

    They said they're working on league support. That was the major strike against iRacing.
  11. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    I see that in the future when the engine gets old but I bet we wont see this engine in any other sim apart from IR for a good while. Subby and all.

    The only reason it appeals to me is the oval stuff. All the best tracks and cars, the roadies seem to suck for us european road drivers with only Silverstone on the track list. Give it time I suppose :)
  12. :funnypost: Erm.... go get a life ? :fwd:
  13. I don't think the NASCAR game contract is up till next year. That's why Papyrus stopped making sims after '03. EA bought the game rights thru 2010. I think with some more work iRacing could be pretty decent.
  14. Imagine how much money you would have to spend on iRacing to get the same amount of cars and tracks that are available in gtr evo, i have never played iRacing so cant comment on its quality or realism, i would not object to $20 a month to race and could just afford that but its the cost of cars and tracks that puts it out of my reach by a long way, the reason for me buying gtr2 and gtr evo with all its expansions is because i like a large variety of cars and moreso tracks to learn and race on, something that the cost of iRacing simply would not allow.
  15. That's what I'm trying to get myself to think, but really, once you've played it, that's it. It seriously is that good!