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Cant assign certain gears in GTR2 FIA

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Roger Snead, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Hello to all,
    Just picked up the title GTR2 FIA from Steam. For some reason I am unable to assign R, 1,.5.and 6. using Fanatec CSR Elite on W7 64bit. Everything else is fine. The CSR h gate works in game with 2,3,4. All gears are working properly with other games/sims and on Profile page.Paddles work fine as well.
    What could be wrong? Thanks.
  2. Have you tried PS3 mode? aka G25 emulation
    You might have to uninstall the fanatec drivers for it to enter PS3 mode IIRC.
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  3. If you set the wheel to PS3 mode it will be recognized as a Logitech G25 and then all the buttons should work.
  4. This is a know thing in this sim? Seems strange because it shows it as a CSR like all the other sims I have. The other 3 gears physical work and all buttons.in other sims......RBR,Rfactor Gt legend, NKP, all work.
    If thats the only way ...ok. Thanks a lot guys.;)