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Cannot change direction!!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Roblin, May 20, 2009.

  1. Searched and found out how to via this forum.

    Did the unlinking, then reverse and relinking, then rotated secotrs etc, but still not changing direction!

    Anyone got any other ideas?

  2. you still need to set up in aiw file, the right direction. set up aiw file with pits,grids and garages.and all will be fine.
    btb goes the way you layed the track down.it isn' defined in aiw file

  3. Thanks Mate

    I will go and investigate aiw files!!

    First time using anything like this, and all for my son to drive his local kart track when hi isn't there :)
  4. Which kart track does he drive at, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. if you get stuck read the sticky on aiw editing by chub pearson,it will help once you lay down your first aiw file,

    1st of all, in the aiw editor deleted all waypoints(unsupported options).the remake the mainline again,the right way round the track.i'm doing two australian tracks at the moment and both are driving in the wrong direction(non aussie way).hehe

  6. Drives at WSKC, Larkhall in Scotland!

    Plus I have had a shot or two on it!

    Got it working in rfactor, basic track with camber, slope, kerbs etc!

    Now just to learn how to make it nice and pretty :)
  7. had a little go on this myself using btb.

    how to:
    1) go to driveline tab.selected the track you want.
    2) click the unlink button on the right
    3) click the button in the middle of track selection to the right.
    4) reclick the link button

    note: there a slight bug in the evo version, so don't press clear drive line.

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