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Cannon Sim Pedals to Logi/Fana Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheOptimist, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Morning folks, I'm building myself a set of CST pedals over the Christmas break (well I'll be trying). Has anyone tried to connect these pedals to a Logitech or Fanatec wheel? I'm likely to pick up a Fanatec wheel so if anyone has experience of using the CST pedals on this setup I'd be interested to hear how easy/difficult it is...

  2. Hi :)

    CST's are normally USB based using a Leo Bodnar BU0836 or similar HID USB interface card. Do you want to wire the CST's direct into the wheel rather than go the USB method?
  3. We know that Todd is trying to make a connector to be able to do this...however it would be best to wait for him to do this, and whether it can be used with DIY pedals is still a question waiting to be answered.
  4. Cheers Tomo, didnt know that :) Only ever seen em usb based, be a handy setup as it would save a HID device for other uses :)
  5. Hi fellas - I know that you can connect them directly to the PC using USB, which I was definitely going to do (when racing on the PC). I did however want to connect them up through the wheel to use them with GT5 on PS3 (for instance). Theoretically if I can work out what inputs the wheel takes from the pedals I should be able to work out how to drive the output from the CST pedals to mimic the pedals (especially as the Fanatec ClubSport pedals already use a load-cell)...but I was just wondering if it had been done.

    Tomo - I didn't realise that Todd was attempting to make a connector...perhaps it is better to wait to see what he brings out rather than start messing around with my own kit. Having said that, I'm building the pedals anyway, so I might still take a look to see what I can work out myself.

    Edit - as a side note, I think the big problem when it comes to this could be calibration of the pedals...there won't be a "nice" software interface, such as the one used on the PC, to make sure everything works correctly...
  6. Hi

    Yes, sorry, I only drive on a pc (even though I own a PS3 and an XboX lol) so I tend to forget about that side of things! (must make a mental note of that hehehe). If you connect the pedals direct to the wheel on a PC the wheels 'drivers' should eneable you to fine tune the setup before you go on the PS3 by checking the operation and then making physical adjustments to pots L/Cell sensitivity till things are nice n peachy. It should then just transfer the same 'physical' setting to whatever the wheel is plugged into :)
  7. Thanks Brian - I was kind of hoping that setting them up like this on the PC would then transfer over to whatever kit I was using it on. Suppose I just have to build it and see...didn't the Field of Dreams start like that? Should be a walk in the park :)
  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Build it, and they will come........

  9. He's working on it at the moment, as far as I'm aware it will allow his pedals to work off the wheel.
  10. Sorry this was the wrong place to post this, I'll start a new thread