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Cancer Research UK Support Winter Series

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. If you are competing this weekend at Indianapolis, could you send me a PM please. This will give me a rough idea of how many are competing. PLEASE NOTE: If you are not signed up yet you can still race this weekend.

    Name: CRUK Winter Series - R2 USA
    Password: caracciola
    Server IP:

    Thanks to the FSR management for giving me permission to do this. Spoke with Johannes yesterday and it has been OKd. This is not an official series as such but does have FSR's permission to use the mod and I have permission to ask FSR teams to field drivers to help with the promotion of the event and charity. Basically the idea of this is to raise money for charity for Cancer Research UK. Website here:


    There will be no entry fees but if we can promote it and all put in voluntary donations ourselves as well then we could raise some good money for the charity. I have a relative at the moment who has this illness and so when the idea came up from someone else I thought I'd take the initiative. Anyone who would like to be involved in this series this winter, teams or drivers please either contact me or leave a post here. We will run old F1 tracks not used during this season's FSR as follows. At the moment planning on 6 races. Points will be stored but the most important thing is raising money. Going to ask SimRaceTV to cover the races so anyone who is interested in commentating also please contact me. I haven't contacted SRTV yet but given the nature of this and also FSR's backing I'm sure we can get more exposure via broadcasts.

    15th December 2012 - Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Buddh international circuit 2011
    22nd December 2012 - US Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Circuit
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Indianapolis GP4
    5th January 2012 - Austrian Grand Prix, A1 Ring (Now Red Bull Ring)
    12th January 2012 - San Marino Grand Prix, Imola
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Imola 1988
    19th January 2012 - French Grand Prix, Magny Cours
    2nd February 2012 - German Grand Prix, Hockenheim

    Track links will be posted before each weekend, at least 1 week in advance. Links will be posted immediately after the previous race where possible.

    DRIVING AIDS: Low Anti-Lock Brakes, Auto Clutch

    NOTE: For those who are not currently signed to FSR teams or competing in FSR you may run in the FSR General car. However some teams may not be able to use their usual drivers so you may also be able to get Winter Series drives for an FSR team so I'll leave that up to you to sort.

    With regard to keeping track of donations, noone is expected to donate yourself if you are not in a position and as money is already paid out extensively every year via entry fees for FSR I felt voluntary donations was better but if you could PM me with whatever donations you make that would be great as it would enable to keep a track of how well we are doing. No individual donations will be made public, only the total figure and I don't expect you to provide any information other than the amount donated, for obvious reasons. Hope that many of you can support this and let's enjoy ourselves this winter while doing something for a good cause.

    Official Practice: 14:00GMT
    Qualifying 1: 14:25GMT
    Qualifying 2: 14:40GMT
    Warmup: 14:50GMT
    Race: 15:00GMT

    Bradley Vanian
    Sam Jones

    TEAMS - 12
    DRIVERS - 29
    MAK Racing
    Scott Wilde
    Mikko Suokas

    Knight Racing
    Eduard Kore
    Daniel Kiss

    Knight International
    Jan Wenninger
    Michael Gray

    Thunder Racing Team
    Loucas Afxentiou

    Nemesis Racing (Will Rotate Drivers)
    Ryan Walker
    Ron Squire

    Positive SimRacing
    Jackson Wendt
    Kevin Siggy

    Twister Racing
    Raino Room
    Jonathan Holmes

    SimTech Motorsport
    Shane Burke
    Nico de Koninck

    SimTech Motorsport 2
    Alexander van der Woude

    NetRex GP
    Fred Owen

    Knight Racing Team
    Attila Molnar

    MAK Racing Team
    Antonio Kolarec

    Positive SimRacing Trainers
    Neil Debacquer
    Lars Brugman

    Milan Radivojevic
    Tamas Vargyasi
    Jimi Hughes
    Teddy Buch
    Craig Masters
    Mert Kayar
    Romain Langlois
    Jan Schmidt
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  2. I will be there... :)
  3. Thanks Jackson, If you could contact whatever team you were racing for this season or if you are signed to a team next season them too. We will be grouped into teams. But I will put you on a list of interested drivers in post one.
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  4. count me in
  5. Can this start just after christmas or have you already set a start date?
  6. The reason for the start date is so we can finish early enough for FSR drivers to concentrate on testing for 2013 as well. If you cant compete in all races dont worry too much. Just as many as you can.
  7. Ok I can compete, I am just getting a new wheel at christmas and I want to use it.. :p
  8. Lol. Ok mate. Maybe we'll get a good headstart on you then before you get your new wheel ;)
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  9. Awesome, I'l be in!

    If anyone wants to trial me for their team........ask me soon! Although I have certain teams in mind ;)
  10. I would be more than happy to take part in this. But I can race only in the December races.

    Mikko Suokas
  11. Just to let you know Bradley Vanian and Sam Jones have agreed to do commentary so thanks to those guys for their support. Will contact SRTV tonight and I'm sure they will help us out with broadcasting.
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  12. I'm in :)
  13. Count me in.

    Kevin Siggy
  14. We are expecting drivers mainly from World Series and World Trophy so for that reason I've put the times in the middle of the two series to hopefully tailor to both sets of drivers. Race schedules now up in first post.
  15. is there a Team Limit
  16. I doubt we will have enough drivers to justify 2 grids but if we did we could accomodate that. No there is no team limit. The more teams take part the better the exposure for the charity. I would guess there would only be one grid though but anyone who wants to take part can with regard to teams and drivers.
  17. I would probably entered if we were using the old tracks since i already have a set for thoose. Not interested in testing sets.
  18. I understand that Tommy but I don't see the point in doing the same tracks again for a 2nd time this year. Everyone is entitled to use my setups during the course of this series as well so if that helps.
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  19. Count me ,but only after round 1 :) I cant really enter r1 :S

    Milan Radivojevic
  20. No problem Milan. Will be good to see you at the races after Round 1.