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Released Canberra 400 v1.0

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Greg Wyatt, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Canberra 400 v1.4

    Well it's been 2 years in the making and that's only because sometimes I put it away for 6 months or more :tongue:.

    Anyway, I am glad to finally release v1.0 of Canberra 400. It is a street circuit that was used for the V8's back in 2000 through to 2002 here in the Nations Capital.

    Special thanks needs to go to Dosgraphics. At a time when I had some more time and in between internet companies (Sorry Dosgraphics for not keeping in touch, now with grapevine so lost your contact details). With out him and his xpack it wouldn't be what it is now.. I still have the Hyatt hotel to do so maybe Dos could look into this :D and the AIW is still not complete..

    As some are aware, I have this AIW issue, you will see with the track that I have garages behind the pits, the cars in this version start in pit lane in their pit spots until the AIW gets Pit Extension added.

    Best played with full detail and max shadows, I have tried to keep the frames down for low end users (low ends don't choose shadows in game) by not putting in as many trees so in time this will I hope become better again with more trees and more shadows.

    I live in Canberra, worked at the Canberra 400 when it was here, have many photos, DVD's and videos, program guides and to the best of my knowledge this is not far from what it was in 2002. A few more textures, ripples in areas but to keep the size down I kept it simple..


    See rFactor Central for links and updates.

    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Canberra 400
  2. Downloading right now! :)
  3. Me too :D, I wanna recreate Marcus Amrose's well-behaved wheel :)

    V8 Supercar tracks FTW!
  4. You will be happy to know Ryan that I added that footage on the big screens in game :)
  5. Edit: i am not reading again. :D

    Great track. Did 3 laps on it and it looks great and fun to drive. :)
  6. NIIIICE :)

    That should be fun - I once pulled over to watch the big screen at Philip Island :)
  7. Damn, now I want to know what you said lol. Assuming it's about AIW.. I can't use the Editor properly so used the BTB AIW (which I prefer) so for the time being I have the cars starting from the pits until someone or BTB future versions have the Pit Extension in it.
  8. I do it all the time for Adelaide :)
  9. Absolutely excellent track. I think you'll be able to push lots more graphics into it (although it is great looking as it is), my very average syatem runs it as smooth as butter in max settings and 1080p resolution.

    But wow it's a hard track, possibly the hardest street course I've ever driven. I can see why the V8s don't go there anymore - imagine wrestling one of those round there!
  10. Yeah it's my first ever track, started creating it back in v0.5 I think it was in BTB, learnt so much over this time and with 3dSimed, xpacks etc so yeah, I'm happy for others to do the graphics updates :)

    As for the V8's, yeah the cars did get knocked about, after each race they were in the garage getting repaired or taped up.. Some drivers didn't mind it, others not so but the decision was from the Local Government to pull the pin..

    Cheers for the comments, I think I have done a great job..
  11. Yeah it was about the AIW. :)
  12. Awesome work Radar!
  13. Version 1.1 zip file to replace the AIW and SCN file.


    This should also fix the AI going through walls, now has cars stored in the garages behind the Pit Lane.

    Pit Extension added.

    Just unzip and replace your other files.
  14. Great stuff :)
  15. Version 1.2 zip file to replace the AIW and SCN file.


    Someone had reported an issue with the AI going in a loop in the garage.. This has fixed it... We hope lol

    Thanks to Griff for his AIW file and replacement today after being reported :)
  16. Congrats on the award. :smile:
  17. Version 1.4 zip file to update the AIW and SCN file was released some time ago, sorry I didn't post in here..


    And Thanks Ivo, I was watching the video and then when they called my name for 2nd place I had to rewind as I thought I was in a dream..

    Got an email from Jessica today saying that the details have been forwarded to the awards team so I'm expecting to see the award by months out or early the next month..

    Thanks again.. Now maybe I should look at doing some more tracks :)
  18. can this be reuploaded somewhere else, filefront sayng the files dont exsist

  19. Have you looked on rFactor Central ?? it has several different sites to grab it from..

    I'm working on V2.0 at the moment, watch this space for that..
  20. thanks i've got the track now from rfc, on your advice, so many thanks for that...you have email coming your way...would like to communicate something with you..cheers