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Can you quit a race in career mode?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by joshuajays, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Last year's you couldn't do it, no option at all. If you're car is damaged or just way behind and just want to retire you couldn't in 2010...can you do it in this years game?
  2. Sure, just visit the nearest wall at 300 kph. :)

    But I don't recommend it, try to race to the end, gain some positions, you'll get more XP that way.
  3. Booooo that blows. Or even a proceed to next event would be nice.
  4. Yes you can.
    Hit escape and then "Retire From Race"
  5. The way to do it is to turn off autosave and from menu choose quit race instead of retire.
    Just bear in mind that this way you must save to be able to revert. But you can do that by choosing quit to paddock after every single event you wanted to save after. From paddock you can go out to main menu, options save.
    Exactly as it was in 2010 version. ;p
  6. There's no Retire option in Career. ;)
  7. Retire to paddock it is, i did that accidentally one time because i had to quit the game for some reason, during race open pause menu and it is the penultimum option, after i did that, i saw i could have exit to main menu without having to forfeit the race, opps :D
  8. Hmm, are you sure that option is enabled in race? I believe it's there in Qualifying, but I was sure it's disabled in Career race.
  9. I'll check later .. But you can definately forfeit from race in career

    I did it on Monaco :)
  10. Thanks guys i will try to take autosave off.
  11. Just do start and quit to main menu it will ask you for confirmation and then it also says you will lose any unsaved data so..
  12. Option "Retire from race" is available in career, I used it in Australia... After rainy start it dried and P23 after stop wasn't position I expected... But I'm sure, I used "Retire", I haven't crashed.
  13. Nope nothing has changed. Doesn't matter if autosave is on or not, still get the same option to ONLY quit to paddock. And when you go back to career mode you're still at the last race.
  14. I have the option Quit to main menu and that works for me doesnt save anything and you can quit anytime you press pause
  15. Joel, OP is looking for a way to retire from the race, i.e. skip it, not simply quit to Main menu and have another go some other time. ;)
  16. Start the race, just drive 10 feet then escape and press the highlighted option. This way you going to forfeit the race.

  17. Nick, i'm not talking about just leaving the race. I want to totally retire and move onto the next event...where i would be a DNF and results from the race would be shown and then i can move onto the next race.
  18. Did you tried it dude?
    Start the race from the grid and then do what i told you, then you are DNF
  19. Yeah, RETIRE <<<<
  20. Dude there is no DNF...you simply exit out career and when you go back into career the same race is there to redue as appose to continuing on to the next race. And yes i've tried it many times with the same result.

    I'm mostly refering to 2010 not 2011.
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