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Can you hot plug/unplug on a BU0836?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Nigel Atkins, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. At the moment i only have a pot connected via 4 pin mini din, but planning on a button box and sequencial shifter. so will be ending up with at least 3 sockets, now can i plug and unplug the leads while the board is still connected to the usb?

    another reason i ask is i have a 4 pin mini din socket on my handbrake and i could accidently unplug that and am thinking of getting a lockable type socket.

  2. no one?

    looks like i`ll have to ask on No-grip again :tongue:
  3. Sorry Nigel :p

    Been a tad busy lately! I have never tried tbh, but I think it probably will for buttons, encoders may well too if the util prog has been run, but pots/H/E sensors / LC's I doubt...... Also you might hurt the unit...... but I doubt it :)
  4. Thx Brian, i think i`ll play safe and besure to disconect the USB and get a lockable din socket for my handbrake :D