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Can we start a Setup Guide forum? Any setup guides around

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Greg Latty, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Im fairly new when it comes to setting up cars for different tracks and would love a Sub forum for suggestions for different setups for different tracks. Also is there any setup guides anywhere. Like something that clearly shows what each car setting does? Please point me in the right direction.
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  2. PaulH


    Try that, explains it quite well..

    I'm quite new to setups myself but have been trying to learn things the last few months, I can honestly say it makes hell of a difference to your car getting a good setup. I was driving cars on default settings and they just didnt handle well, too much oversteer/understeer, just take it slow and just change things slowly and test test test. Dont even think of changing anything in setups untill you know the track inside out, You will see seconds drop off once you start tinkering, good luck:thumbsup:
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  3. As far as I know there isn't any set up guide for Raceroom but there are some for other games.
    Please find one:
    Advises can be applied to RRE as well (even if I have some doubts regarding several items, as camber for instance) Furthermore, set up possibilities are limited in RRE.

    Personnally I proceeded like that for GT Master. Standard set up is not that bad and I didn't make too much changes.
    Furthermore I'm not that fast and I don't rely to my feeling totally. And without temp/brakes temp and Motec it's difficult for me to define fine set up.
    So, this is how I proceeded with GT Master:
    1) sort out brakes lock issue: increase power to 100% and change bias. By the way, during race, when tires begin to wear, I'm sometimes obliged to modify it.
    2) Sort out understeering (usual disease in GT cars, also valid in real life)
    - Height: Standard heigth is quite high to my eyes: I reduced front more than rear. I keep 1,2cm gap instead 1cm. With that, I provide what we name "pitch" in motorsport (in French at least). Usually I'm around 7,5 front and 8,7rear.
    - Rolling bar: Soften front and stiffen rear. But be carefull not to soft front too much, otherwise you mayhave troubles in slow corners. Usually I'm around 160 front and 40 rear.
    3) Others:
    - Usually I increase the bump to 8 front and rear and let the rebound at 6
    - Camber: I just increase to 3,1 front. Normally, putting more is supposed to provide some benefits in curves but here I only noticed braking troubles.
    - Wing: in fast tracks, I decrease rear but basic 11 is good.
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  4. Peter

    who cares Premium

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  5. Would be nice to have a place where we can post and talk about setups.:thumbsup:

    Not easy for me to explain in english but i will try:
    There's a very basic guideline that helped me a lot to understand how it works to adjust suspension, anti rollbars and ride height. You are always fighting understeer or oversteer in a car. And this happens because of how the weight of the car transfers in corners. For example when turning the car, the chassis rolls to the side, transfering the weight to the outer wheels. Then the wheel/axle that has a harder suspension/anti rollbar and lower ride height will carry more weight and therefore lose traction earlier than the softer and higher ride height wheel/axle.

    Less oversteer/more understeer= Harder/lower front axle, softer/higher rear axle.
    Less understeer/more oversteer= Softer/higher front axle, harder/lower rear axle.

    Of course the first thing you should do is lower the car and make suspension/anti roll bars as hard as the track allows you, to reduce chassis roll.
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  6. i hardly notice no difference in speed between different setups with the wing exception, just the car behaviour on over or understeer, with setups you dont gain that much time just adjust the car behaviour to your liking
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  7. Wow thanks for the tips guys very useful. Keep em coming. I'm sure a lot of other guys will find this useful