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Can V 0.9 Please have Pit Extension 1

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Greg Wyatt, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. I'm having problems with the BTB AIW to the AIW editor.. Basically BTB does not do Pit Extension 1 where as AIW can do this.. For my track I need to have an extra pit lane in order for the AI to proceed down a path, then onto the actual pit path.

    The BTB AIW is Awesome, it's exactly where I want it to be, pather, lines etc, but when I add the extra Pit Path rfactor crashes, some settings have changed in the AIW.. I have edited the AIW leaving the WP parts in it but it still crashes.. Life would be so much easier if the AIW can have that extra path.

    Does anyone know (other than writing a new AIW file) how BTB 803 can do this or any way that the last line can be added to the BTB AIW file ie what am I looking for for that extra path to be added..

  2. Question

    What is the use of a pit extension?
    Is for two rows of garages?
  3. Some tracks like mine use another path behind the pit lane itself to store the cars, garages in most cases. What this does is allow the game (pit left, pit right person) to indicate to you the driver which way you need to proceed in order to get out onto the track or pit path..

    Now I've had someone redo the whole AIW with the pit path it works a treat, either side of the garage and the pit man tells you which direction to go, but BTB AIW doesn't allow for this extra path at the moment.

    BTB AIW is awesome, I can have the fast line, slow line, pit line etc where I want it, it also gives me the racing line on track better and in areas that the AIW creator will not show, plus the AI seem to hit things causing issues.. With BTB AIW I can move that line out to allow for the stupid AI without having to do the whole thing again..

    I hate AIW, crashes my machine if I try to create it, therefore have someone else creating it for me but it holds me up and releasing my track. I'm happy for others to create it but at the moment it's the one thing I needed complete..
  4. If you edit the AIW manually, I do believe that you need to remove completely the AIW data btb creates.
  5. A classic example is Lime Rock for rFactor (first mod track for rF as I recall, by Uzzi?), where the cars are stored in a paddock behind the pit wall, with about 4 different paths to the track, depending on which "garage" your vehicle appears in.

    You can't duplicate those paths using BTB AIW, you'd have to use the rF AIW editor.
  6. Which is a shame as I much prefer the way BTB does it..

    Emery, thats what I hate.. The AIW editor is crap IMO but anyway.. will find someone who can do it for me no doubt.
  7. Talking about AIW. I cant develope a track with two opposites starts. (Like an litlle american oval)
    I need start in the same track in same way like an Rally SS (without crossing),
    Something like a kidney.
    No matter where the boxes and pits are located. I need take times for each car in their own opposite timming gate

    Any idea?
  8. Since the AIW file is in plain text format, the thought occurs that you could use BTB to do as much as possible, and export to generate the file. Then you could back up that file and use the official AIW program to make the pit lane and extension (the BTB garage positions should be okay to use). You could then try copying the pit lane values from the second file into the first file. Finally, overwrite the second file with the first one.

    I don't know exactly how the file is structured so I can't be more specific.
  9. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I`ve done this before, and it works. When its starts messing up is when you go past all the Pit, garage and grid locations.
  10. Ok R Soul and Festa,

    I tried (I think this) and it crashed.. So the question is, what part of the AIW file is the Lane Extension for me to copy that across ??
  11. The Lane Extension will be buried somewhere in the [Waypoint] section of the AIW file. I think it will be difficult to find and/or copy/paste alterations successfully.

    This is how it seems to begin with, but once you get the hang of it it's actually very quick and straightforward to use. Like any other program there's the learning curve bit to start with, but once you get over that it's the most reliable way of doing it in my opinion.
  12. i've recently made a fresh AIW in the ISI AIW editor, with all the pit/grid/garage spots, and crucially to my track aswell, the pit extension from the paddock. I've since adjusted the 3D garages and grid textures and it has been a breeze to adjust the positions in BTB then copy them into the AIWed generated file. The only part left from the original file are the waypoints, all the positions are BTB.

    So when i need to redo the AIW next time, i'll load up the editor and do the paths etc but only set 3 garages, 1 pit and three grid spots. Should save lots of time. Then i can just copy the positions from BTB. It seems to me the best way is both ways.
  13. woochoo - so if I'm understanding what you said, for rFactor, you kept the BTB waypoints plus minimal pit info (text edit I suppose) then used the ISI AIW editor to create the rest? Just trying to get the sequence right.
  14. This is the section, 0 is car numer 1


    etc etc etc etc

  15. Yeah but isn't that just the pit and garage locations ?? This is not the Pit Extension path yeah ?
  16. I made a complete AIW with the ISI editor, as per the great guide in a sticky here http://forum.racedepartment.com/bob...-beginners-guide-making-rfactor-aiw-file.html, but to save time and boredom you would only need to include positions for one 3 car team. Back that up and then export your BTB AIW with all your pit/garage/grid spots set.

    in the BTB AIW file copy everything above [Waypoint] and paste over the corresponding text in the ISI AIW file. The result is you should have all the pit/garage/grid/pacecar etc from BTB with the centreline, fast path, left path and FIRST PIT EXTENSION etc from the ISI editor. Back up the new merged file and paste it into your track dir each time after you have exported from BTB.

    From then on anytime you need to move the grid etc just re-export and copy your new 'above waypoint' code, or if you need to redo your centre line etc, do the whole process in the ISI editor but do minimal pit/garage/grid positions to save time and then paste them from BTB.
  17. I'll try that out, cheers.