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Can`t save

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by need, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I just made some updates to the game, importing the helmet design file, the realistic tyre and that`s it. Now I cat save, when i finish something and exit, after I return its not saved and I`m at the starting point :(
  2. I'd say reinstall the game and don't add files anymore, just play the game as it is.
  3. well i want these helmets and the AI and the tyres :D
  4. You do not have to reinstall just use this, click the link ->Save Error Patch
  5. I'm have this. Delete AI mod.
  6. Well, then there are 2 options:
    Have the helmets, tyres and the AI but you're unable to save your game.
    Don't have the helmets, tyres and AI and you are able to save. :)
  7. not true, as David says use the save error fix and all should be good, Online playing might cause you issues though,

    remember to save copys of your origional files so if there is a issue you can revert back.
  8. yeah do wat chris has mentioned..
  9. Thank you all the problem is fixed :p
  10. Only track files altered and AI altered will stop you playing online oh and surface material mods too. If it is cosmetic like skins HUD helmets all should be okay (caveat so far) the only problem with it is you only see your custom skins, in order for others to see it they must have it installed. So just replace the original AI file's when you want to go online and voila all is good (25y comp xp & 10y programming and modding xp) so my advice may not be to accurate, take it as you will.

  11. yeh true all that, im slowy getting my mods back for online stuff, wanna do my hud again and im waitng for my spam livery for my sunday race car Dave !!

    oh and i love the edit reason
  12. i love the game without any mods..
    but can't live without the mods of rfactor..

    im becoming an rfactor freak now.. hehe
  13. Over half the F1 teams use rFactor simulation software for testing and practice, did you know that ? Strange how CM got the franchise or maybe very clever of rFactor to not bother as they know to much muwhahahahaha :D
  14. yeah.. the thing is so realistic... you can actually feel wat you are doing there.. and the FFB is so freakin awesome..