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can,t join FSR 2014 server with RF2 494 update

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by patrick de wit, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. i see the server!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and mod installed and everything but can,t join server any ideas?
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  2. Try clicking on other servers and see if you get the Join button on any others, then click back to FSR's. Sometimes it takes a while for the Join button to become active with this latest update. Annoying but people are definitely able to join the server still.
  3. In some servers its just imposible to join even if you do that. Hopefully ISI realises a fast build very soon.
  4. Some people are able to join the FSR server since I've seen them on livetiming yesterday and today. Perhaps there's also something client- or connection-related going on with it, but it sounds like ISI may be able to deploy a fix without requiring a new build. It could be something on their lobby server side.
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  5. It's an ISI matchmaker issue, probably load-related. Waiting for a fix...
  6. I read in the ISI forums that if the VMod or the server name contains spaces the server somehow doesnt work. Also you need to open an extra port that before wasnt needed in order to make this work (64297 TCP and UDP).

    It should work as I tested it and I didnt notice any issue.
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  7. Ok I think we have a workaround solution for this. I disabled getmod on the server and join button seems to appear each time now. If you visisted the server before you should already have the vmod installed, if not download it from here and install.
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  8. Hi, sorry but how disable getmod on a dedicated server please?

    Cordially, Nicolas
  9. In dedicated multiplayer.ini, change

    HTTP Server Max File Size="0"
  10. Thank you I'm going to try it :)
  11. When will you change the server to Bahrain?
  12. im guessing not for a while still a month until season start
  13. I'm planning to put up Bahrain when next rF2 build gets released. Unstable build is out for public testing so shouldn't take very long. No point with current build as people hardly can join without tricks.
  14. Hi guys,
    I cant join the server, i have the Formula ISI 2012 mod but it says i have not got the series mod?

    is that the right mod? can any1 please link me up?


  15. GetMod is disabled because the rF2 inbuilt http server crashes with this build. Download vmod from here.
  16. yh i tried that and it worked :D
  17. I lost connection to the server and now I can't even see it. Is it down for maintenance?
  18. Sorry for that, some autoupdates did tricks. On.
  19. Server dead?
  20. I think that the livetiming is not synchronized with the server...

    Mirko Lupini