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Can someone Explain Traction Control?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Khizar Naeem, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    I know it might sound dumb but what is traction control and what happens if i turn it off?

    I'm bored of winning every GP. breaking assists are off but TC is still on. how would it effect if i turn it off?
  2. If you turn it off you will struggle for grip it make thing more interesting with legend AI
  3. Traction control limits/stops, depending on whether it is set to full or partial, wheelspin from the rear tyres when you apply the throttle. If you have too much wheelspin the tyres don't grip the track and move you forward, they just spin round on the spot. So you have to control how much throttle you use. Too much and you wheelspin and have less traction.
  4. Try it in Time Trial, it's incomparably more fun without TC (and ABS). Basically it means that the power delivery is a direct match for the power output (how much pressure you apply on the trigger/analogue stick/pedal). When you exit a slow corner you should apply 20-30-40% pressure and gradually increase the speed otherwise your tyres spin without you going anywhere.

    It has to be noted that if you drive your with TC your tyre wear will be higher.

    Also, if you play with keyboard don't turn off TC.
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  5. Great Explanation man. Thank you very much for it :)
  6. But besides more fun with out TC, can you get better laptime with or without?
    Though till few years a go, if I am not wrong, real F1 cars had TC
  7. I have finally made the move and turned all assists off (brake, ABS), except TC from Full to Medium (I'm on keyboard), but I also adjusted the brake deadzone to 75% and saturation to 10%, to prevent locking too much (keyboard keys are either on or off: there's no middle ground). Playing experience improved a lot!
  8. Personally, I found 2-3 tenths when I turned off TC and about 4-5 tenths when I turned off (but it took my some time to develop consistency on a lot of tracks with tricky braking zones like Spa, Bahrain, Monaco and Austin). At the end of the day - it was worth it: I became faster and the game was more fun.
  9. So turning off TC would improve tyre wear? I've got it set to medium at the moment and am struggling with tyre wear so any solution is welcome. :D
  10. It wouldn't improve tyre wear per say. But if you master driving without TC it will improve the wear. The most simple way I can explain it:
    With Traction: Out of a slow corner you apply 100% pressure to the throttle and although your rear doesn't step out the game simulates as if you just punished the tyres (let's say you lost 3% tyre life just out of this corner)

    Without traction: Out of a slow corner you apply 100% pressure and your rear breaks out and you lose traction (and again 3% tyre life)

    Without traction 2: Out of a slow corner you gradually apply increasing pressure on the throttle and everything goes well and smoothly (this time you only lose 1.5% tyre life)

    In theory, if you have TC and you apply the throttle smoothly you will also suffer less tyre wear. The problem is that the car does not give you any feedback (the rear doesn't lose traction regardless of what you do) so you cannot know whether you just punished the tyres or not.
  11. Thanks for the reply. :)