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Can someone explain Reputation and Multiplayer "expectation"?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jack Acid, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Rep still seems kinda arbitray to me. Is it based on difficulty? Starting/Finishing place? Behavior during race?

    Also, are the "expectations" of finishing place random during MP Quick Sprints online? Sometimes I need to finish 5th, sometimes 1st and it does not appear to be related to your starting place.

    Also, what is up with LOSING XP for failing a goal? I don't agree with that at all. It should just be minimized XP. Players will stray from MP systems that could potentially COST THEM XP.

    Time invested, regardless of result, should equal SOME XP.

    Anyway, if I understood the system better, I might go easier on the decision to do this.
  2. If you've ever played trackmania I think it's a lot like the LP system they have (I assume this stands for ladder position or points)

    But think of it this way, the worst player will be rank 1 and the best rank 50 eventually. and everyone else will be in between. If you join a game as a rank 5 with all rank 1s you'll be expected to win, and if a rank 1 beats you then you lose xp and they gain xp. conversely if you're a rank 5 in a race with all rank 10s you'll be expected to finish last and will gain loads of xp by winning.
  3. Oh so it's based on your rank? That would make sense. I have only been expected to finish 1st one (came in 2nd) and I bet it's because I was the highest ranked for that race. Still, I wish they wouldn't DOCK XP. That is just brutal.
  4. haha yea it's pretty brutal and very competitive. I suppose if there were a lobby of all rank 5s trading wins every time no one would ever rank up, or it would take a very long time. a way around this is to fill the lobby with legendary AI, I'm ranked 5ish i think, and it expected me to finish dead last. so i got lots of XP for finishing 17th xD
  5. I like the way it docks xp. Because it may clean up races. Harsh but fair.
  6. I'm 100% fine with losing XP for dirty racing! But when my expected finish is 1st and I don't do that (I'll be honest, I'm a mid-tier skill driver, usually finish between 5th-2nd out of 7+ cars), I LOSE 100 XP? That just makes me feel like I wasted 5 minutes.

    I think you should lose XP for dirty moves, but shouldn't just because you missed on a difficult objective.
  7. Yeah I agree. I was on "5" rank last night. But then had a few 1st place expectations and finished on "2".

    It's a bit disheartening as I am mid-tier driver at best.
  8. the rank levels are based on 100 xp, so rank 1 is 100xp, 2 is 200, and so on, so technically you only need to win 100 races to be level 100, or make 100 of your objectives. i think it's kinda silly but that's how they did it for some reason.

    I was level 14 but got in a lobby with all 1's-5's so every race i didn't win I went down a level. but as more people start moving up everyone's ranks will start moving up.

    as far as I can tell though there's no perks for being high rank, so just consider it a leader board of sorts, the most successful drivers will have the highest rank.

    once it evens out it will eventually be a good thing, high skill drivers will have the higher ranks and can set lobbies to be rank exclusive (1-50, 50-60,60-61, how ever you wanna do it) This will have the effect of making pretty much every race very close and a real battle. no more run aways or back markers.

    there will be the occasional new driver coming through the ranks that will shake that up a bit but I think it's a good system, worked well for trackmania at least.

    you can however pad your rank by adding AI drivers, expectations are much lower.

  9. Actually, I wish they'd put a DD (dangerous driver) tag on the rammers. A couple of hits here and there is fine, but some of these jerks do it every lap. I actually had a guy hit me today as I was passing him...plenty of road available....totally destroyed my car.
  10. What I dont get is that the rep points and penalties are still favouring 'rammers' and people who drive with assists.

    Example - Im Rank 5 playing against a grid full of Rank 1's so im expected to win.
    I get rammed off the road at a cost of minus 5 XP to the rammer, and a cost of minus 100 to 150XP for me now not being able to win the race and complete my challenge.

    How exactly is that fair or encouraging clean, assistless drivers like me to do multiplayer?

    As a side issue, the fact it seems that TC means you can once again drive straight through the gravel, whereas people like me with no assists are left sinning, reversing, spinning again doesnt make these 'win the race' challenges very possible at all.
    Some noob with TC runs you off the track, they plough through the gravel and im left doing 720's watching my rank evaporate before my very eyes.

    Not much fun at all.
  11. @John Robertson: Considering I just got 55 XP from a win, I think your theory is flawed. ;)
  12. The ranking system has improved over 2010. In some respects it does reward good, clean driving. With regard to 2010 all you had to do get rank was play enough despite your skill level or driving ethics, this is still somewhat true in 2011, but if your really bad your not going to really progress that far in rank.
  13. yes it is I realized this after that post, but the principal remains mostly the same, score points by finishing ahead of lower ranked people or you can still score points by finishing behind higher ranked people.
  14. Note that even if you fail the objective, you might still gain XP. A couple of times I ended 2nd, while the objective was P1, and I still got 50 XP.
  15. I keep losing points despite being rammed. One guy just totalled me and I got -5xp. I really hoped they'd sorted it, but it appears codemasters haven't really bothered. Once, this guy bashed me and then spun off and I got a time penalty for keeping my car on the road! I set fastest laps most of the time on my favourite circuits when I'm not being crashed out. So I think I've got the pace to win, but it's just incredibly hard to not get caught up in accidents when people are swerving around in front of you.