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Can someone explain all the penalties and variants of in rfactor please.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by John Bergqvist, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi, can someone explain all the different types of penalties that can be imposed on your car in rfactor and what you have to do to take the penalties, im only asking as i had a 'longest line penalty' imposed on me under the safety car and didnt know what i had to do for it. Also, i was told on the hud that the restart would be done in double file (i think because i caused a big accident while the field was under a full-course yellow anyway) but the restart was single. any ideas on what causes a double-file restart?
  2. Ingemar Petersson

    Ingemar Petersson
    Premium Member

    Hi John , the penalty for longest line i think is some time penalty at the end of the race , and the double restart file ithink is that the cars have been lapped is going on the inside line .Not sure but i think that´s the case
  3. hmmm. i'll try and cause the situation again an see wat happens
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