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Can RF2 tracks be converted?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jeff Huber, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. If a guy was to get permission from the creator , could RF2 tracks be converted to play in GSCE? There are a few there that are really good , and I haven't had a chance to drive them all , but there is a track called " salem Valley ' which is a really , really good track!

    Anyways , it was more out of curiosity than anything else to see if that was even possible.
  2. Sure It is. I Have worked on one of them (And let it down when I discovered it was the original Sepang)
  3. Patrick , is there a ton of work involved in doing something like this? I have no idea , and if there is anyone on this forum that would know , I know it would be you.

    Can I ask another question? Why can I run GSCE on a track like Spa at 3440 X 1440 , everything cranked to max and push 75mz refresh rate , without one hiccup? If I try to run a car on Spa in RF2 , everything turned down quite a bit ( and it doesn't look all that good ) , and I can barely muster 18 - 35fps?

    I know that GSCE runs on the original ISI engine , and RF2 runs on the newer one , but why can I get GSCE to look so good and run strong , when I suffer in RF2?

    I think I'm getting ready to sell my 7970's and pick up a new AMD Fury card so I can play both with better frame rates.
  4. What cpu? 7970 sounds pretty good... and if you plan to change the GPU, go for nvidia, quite alot of sims have problems with amd... ac, gsce, rf, rf2 worked almost 2 times better for me with same class gpu (swapped from hd 5770 to gtx550ti, both supposedly exact same performance.)
  5. Well I really can't. I'm stuck with using AMD for the time being. This new 34" monitor is a FreeSync version. So with that being said I'll have to stick with AMD cards for now.
  6. Sepang...:)

    Wich converter u use to convert RF2 tracks ? Have u a link ?
  7. It was a wcp version for rf1. I did not see it was from rf2 at the beginning. When I saw that I let it down. I think 3DSimed could do this kind of conversion, but it needs work.