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Can replays be saved in F1 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Barnes, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I haven't seen anything about this question and I was just wondering if anybody else has heard if we can save replays this year?
  2. dont think so.

    also go braves.
  3. sadly not :(
  4. What a bummer!!! It's wierd that CM assumes no one has the disk space to save replays.I have a 250gb PS3 and a 1TB PC.They should let us decide if we have the room to save replays.

    Yea!! Go Braves!!! Finally broke out of that slump last night!!
  5. Can't you use a program on your PC to record a replay or something? I'm a 360 player myself so I wouldn't know but I would have thought there's some sort of program out there for that.
  6. Recent videos suggest they have not adopted tv broadcast replays which doesnt make them worth watching for me anyway. I really can't understand their prediection for the same old arcadey Dirt crapfest.

    rFactor replays are a joy to watch, Cm's replays are almost a dealbreaker for me:mad:
  7. There are programs that allow you to record anything playing on your desktop.I use "Debut Video Capture Software"it's great and totally free.Yea, I can record replays,but I would rather save replays in the game,like rFactor and every other F1 sim that has been released in the last 12 years.I'm looking forward to F1 2011, but rFactor 2 is gonna blow F1 2011 away.