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Can only change tyre pressures in AC TP?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Erik Hafner, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. is it right that i can only change tyre pressure? the left and right button on the setup dont works :S
  2. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Yup, for the TP only the tyre pressures
  3. Thanks :)
  4. But even with that you can really good force the car to under or oversteer more. Higher the pressures at the rear tyres and do some great drifting. Especially through the corners after the long straight. ;)
  5. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Yeah it's pretty sensitive :)
  6. I guess for the street cars there won't be much setup options even in v1.0, right? I mean there is not much you can do in real life either... For proper racing cars it should be another matter though with around 3 million little boxes to tinker :cool:
  7. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    There will be the realistic setups for the car.
    for example for this car you will have camber, caster, toe, pressures and thats all.
    Except if it is a specific version with say some aftermarket dampers so you could change those too.

    Obviously for race cars you'll have tons of setup options to change
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