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Can not make purchase

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Paul Nadon, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. click on "purchase"/ click on "pay in USD"/click on "Confirm Purchase"/ Message,,,"Waiting to connect with game"/ Waiting, and waiting :whistling:.....nothing. Over 25 min,,,nothing. Press Esc, "would you like to quit game" Yes. :rolleyes:. This is the second day now.
  2. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    I can't help with your issue, but you might have dodged a bullet there:

  3. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    Can you please make sure the following is the case?

  4. Thanks Jay, probably what it was, as it was turned off. Will try again soon. :thumbsup:
  5. I had the same issue.
    I thought it was a excessive traffic issue. By the time I figured a work around, I missed out on the sale.

    Instead of trying to make purchases in-game, I had to to the raceroom experience website. Go to the "Store" - then login with my steam account. Then make the purchases.