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Can mods cause the game to lag?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Bark, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I've been running the game on high and ultra ever since I got it, but ever since I started adding more and more mods I've been getting horrific lag even with low graphics. My cpu and RAM are at 80-90% when playing now and steam pop ups even make it lag.

    As i said, its managed to handle ultra fine before and i restored everything back to normal last night and then just reinstalled just a couple of HD liveries and lighting mods. Could that seriously affect the performance that badly?
  2. It's a possibility if you install too many.
    Even though the RDD moders do their best to make sure their mods are produced to NOT reduce FPS, some of the changes are bound to have an effect on the game if you go overboard.

    Or it could be simply you need to defrag your hard drive or game files.
  3. Maybe if you're using things with better textures it could cause that. Mind you, as you said it handled Ultra before fine -weird.

    @Gary - Good point.
  4. did you apply the CM Puddle fix?
    thats another thing that slows up ur machine
  5. No, I think it was after the trueweather mod and loads of HD skins.
  6. I defragged my PC and restored everything AGAIN and then played without mods. Same story though, the second to last lap it just starts going ****ing crazy. I just downloaded the patch for it so I didn't download the puddle thing.