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Can Intel graphic features be forced on AMD CPU/GPU?

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by ixo555, May 29, 2013.

  1. Its here any option (or mod - tweaked config file), that intel graphic features can be forced on AMD cpu and gpu? Sorry for bad english...
  2. Just another point on this. I have an Intel cpu (i5 3570K), but (presumably) because I use a GTX670, I can't enable those options either. Seems a bit bonkers.
  3. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    same for me. the Intel options are greyed out. im using a sandy bridge i7 2700k with a gtx670x

    a quick google search stated that those options are exclusive to intel hd 4000 graphic controllers. and those are coming with the new haswell line of Intel CPUs. they arent even out yet.
  4. Well, I read the requirements for AVX. It says Haswell required.

    And that's odd. I have an I5 3570K, specifications says it supports AVX instructions and it does have the Intel HD 4000 video device. Still, the two Intel entries in GRID 2 graphics options are both set to OFF and cannot be turned on. That is what I expect.

    But the question is: Should it (could it) support those two Intel options in GRID 2?
  5. These two additional options for Intel in GRID2 have nothing specific to do with AVX - or is it?
  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Are you guys actually running the game through the grid2_avx exe in the game directory? Not sure if the game auto detects and uses this executable. I don't have a supported CPU myself.

    You can try to mess with the settings in the xml files, which contain such settings, located here:
    C:\Users\USRNAME\Documents\My Games\GRID 2\hardwaresettings
  7. My section in the hardware_settings_info:
    <cpu name="AMD Athlon(tm) X4 750K Quad Core Processor " speed="3951" cores="4" hyperThreading="false" sse3Supported="true" avxSupported="true" rating="3" />
    • I have an AMD CPU Athlon II x4
    • I start the grid2_avx.exe about the tool RadeonPro
  8. My hardwaresettings does say avxSupported="true".

    I run GRID 2 from a Steam desktop shortcut, Steam runs the grid2_avx.exe executable.

    I do use an EVGA GTX 570 SC videocard, I don't use the HD4000 at all (it's disabled). Maybe because I use a nVidia card that's why the two Intel options are disabled.

    I think I read about the two Intel options on an Intel website, but I'm sure those two GRID 2 options require the AVX instructions and must use the HD4000 device.

    I'm fairly sure the two Intel options and AVX instructions are really just a cheap (GPU/CPU cheap) graphics shortcut that's only really useful for Laptops. They are just not needed or useful if you have a discrete GPU.
  9. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

  10. Thank you for this unknown link :thumbsdown:
  11. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    Thumbs down? Well, i just wanted to help a bit.
  12. I have been running the avx exe file but of course the intel options are still greyed out. Someone had said they got better performance using the avx exe, but I have a feeling its because selecting that for the first time, resets your gfx settings and it probably lowered a few on his (therefore giving him better performance).

    Would be interesting to see a screenshot of that smoke casting shadows though, so if anyone has one, post here.