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Can I race any content in a public hosted session?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Nick Brooke, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Ok i have done lots of research since buying iRacing a few days ago but i am still unsure of something. If i race here with RD can i race anything as its a private server or am i still restricted to noob content?. If i have the track and the car even though its higher level than me can i use it here?

    There seems to be little info on this and what i have read is confusing.
    I am going to follow advice given me before from you good guys here and try to get my rating up over the weekend as fast as i can to 4.0. I guess ill just sign into everything i can and race as clean as possible and see what happens. With reguards to that if i get the 4 rating do i automaticaly get put up a licence?
  2. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    In hosted sessions, you can use all the content you own, regardless of what license you have.
    You automatically get promoted once you are above 4.0 .
  3. The promotion thing confuses alot of people, include me when I first got iRacing. If you look at the cars list you'll see the Rookie, D, C, B , and A cars. Once you get to an SR rating of 4.0 say in the rookie class you will get promoted to D. Now from that point on you will have to race, or run a time trial 4 times to move to a C class car. So an example would be say you ran the MX5 up to a D license and you now have a D 4.0 or higher. You will not be promoted to a C license until you have raced or run time trials 4 times in a D class car such as the Skippy. You will be able to run the C class cars with a D 4.0 or higher, you however will not be promoted any further until you have run those 4 races or time trials in the D class car.

    I hope that makes sense.
  4. Thanks guys you both stars. That explains it all, yep its the most difficult game i have ever ecountered on what you can or can not do and all sorts but it seems so far the most rounded game i have ever played too.

    Enjoyed what little i have done so far so this weekend im gonna try to get up my licence and buy a couple more cars and tracks

    Edit: ok so i am more interested in road racing in honesty and thats what i want to do first so, the cars i should be going for: I prefer to make this as cheap as i can but i enjoy touring cars, le man type cars, open wheels any suggestions for each licence at all. Some cars i have read can be a little funny ie: not handle right
  5. Well the Skip Barber is a nice D license car however it can be a real big handful to learn. I'm sure the new tire model coming will stop how the car is driven as of this moment. However for now it acts more as a drift car in order to run fast. After that I would really recommend the Star Mazda for the C license. When you buy new content what I would recommend doing is buy 5 items or more at a time even if you have to save up to do this because you get a 20% discount when you do that. You will only get the 25% discount for buying everything that is left to get. Check the series you are interested in and see what tracks you need and perhaps buy the content for that series. When I bought my tracks needed for the Skippy, and Star Mazda that gave me most tracks that I needed for the road side only leaving a few to buy.
  6. I can give you another pretty much noob perspective. Lots of these guys have been racing for years, and are great as a result. I've been racing about half a year, and am not!

    I know a lot of people try to skip the Skippy, but I think that if you set it up right, and there's a great guide to that on the iRacing site, and also a great baseline setup, then that car will teach you how to drive and pay dividends in all racing. Plus, it's just great fun, I think.

    The Mustang can be a handful at first, but once you get it's quirks, I find it to be a very fun car, also popular, like the Skippy, so easy to find races. The Jetta is very different. I like it okay, but I don't really ever race it, and neither does hardly anyone else. I return to the MX-5 occasionally, for a club event, but mostly I race the Skippy and Mustang in D, because those are the most fun and have the most races with the most people. And there are lots of setups for those cars that make them quite drivable. If you don't find ones you like, PM me, as I have a fantastic Mustang set from one of the fast guys. They are stable and quick, and I have them for most of the tracks.

    The Star Mazda, in C class, is a great car. It is stable, and not too fast (faster than the Skippy, but not F1 scary fast!), but lots of fun to drive. That's pretty much my only C ride.

    I can't tell you about B, because I have been having so much fun racing in league and club events, here and at another league I belong to, that I haven't done the 4 races in C yet to move up to B. I do race the Riley Daytona Prototype in these events. It's REALLY a handful. Have to stay focused EVERY second, but it also seems to me to be a car that can teach you how to drive because it rewards your good habits and punishes your bad habits so clearly and definitely! :)

    I bought the Impala B class car, just to try the NTM, and I have to say that it is a total blast. A BEAST! But a total blast. I'm really looking forward to getting the NTM on all the cars and seeing how that changes how we have to drive them. I think it's a very big improvement!

    That's my experience, for what it's worth.
  7. Good informative posts Joe and Phil thank you i take both your advice with great respect. thank you for your time in giving me this feedback

  8. any time buddy, if you are anyone else have any questions please just ask away! Lord knows when I started I had question after question... hehehe
  9. You should definitely go for the Skip!

    I'm a GT fan myself, so at first i wanted to race the Mustang. But the skip is so much better for learning how to drive a race car properly. In my half year driving the skip I have learnt more than in al the years past, and I 'm still getting better and faster. It is also a great car to discover new tracks, not to fast and you can't overrun corners with this car.
  10. Thanks Tom. I will give the skip a try when i get to that point. IM horrified at the thought of loosing SR now lol, it takes so much work to get it im gonna be annoyed if i get another wrecker like i had last night. Flew down the straight and didnt even attempt the corner just took me out
  11. Nick, you need to keep an eye on your SR for a bit. However I was like you about my SR and when it took a hit I ran around little a wild banshee with my hair on fire. When I stopped caring about it is when I started doing alot better and got faster. Now I'm not saying stop caring all together but get a good bit built up and just let it be. If you are like the rest of us your SR will go up and down all the time. I have had an A license go from 3.98 to 2.56 to 4.89 back down to 4.08... lol...
  12. Ok Joe ill try.

    One more question, Say im doing a TT and i do my 8 laps and quit out do i have to wait till the session over before leaving completly or can i withdraw and start another tt or race before its over?. i dont wanna loose the points from the first TT
  13. you can withdraw and start another, if you are only one in session (TT) you get results right after withdrawal
  14. ty mate.

    Now i just need to find a guide to oval racing i just dont get it. Mt track is coming along great oval well thats another story
  15. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    What do you need to know? Maybe it helps if I say you have to drive like hell and turn left?
  16. I think there's a minimum time limit on the TT for them to count toward progression. I never did any, so I'm not sure, but check.
  17. lol i think its a little more subtle than that im sure. Do you go high stay low in the middle. whats the fastest way to turn in. Im sure there must be more to it. I hear stories of oval racer saying it is more complex than track im not sure but i know i suck lol
  18. Well you know on a road course every turn has an apex right? Well think of the ovals as just having REALLY big apex. Some cars and depending on the track you'll be able to go full out through that apex. Others you'll have to let off just a bit to meet the apex and then get back on it. Then you'll have the turns that you'll get out of the throtle all together. What you'll have to do is find that mixture of throtle and brake amounts that work for each turn that works for you to be able to maintain the speed and apex. Sometimes you'll miss the apex just a bit and you'll need to trail brake a bit to bring the nose back into that apex.

    Remember that on the ovals there are three racing lines at all times. The low line, the high line, and the full out keep the most speed up line or qual line.
  19. Joe you are very patient thanks mate. I tried a racelast night at Daytona and omg it was fun. Massive crash on the first lap cars going everywhere and i slipped through it just looked great. I cannot tell you how much fun im having. Never raced ovals before but even that is fun. Got my SR on road to 351 last night i am going for the 4.0 this weekend.

    Damn this game is hard but so much fun
  20. one more addict, he he, keep them coming, we need to fill those grids in club events :tongue: