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Can I modify an unsupported wheel to become supported by F! 2010

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Chadi Radwan, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. 1hi I am new to the site so I am sorry if this question is repeated
    In my country the good PC steering wheel is not available,and I it exist (which I search very very good but no result ) we have only second hand or so cheap (although they look very will built).
    So I got one But unfortunately it did not work with(F1 2010) so can I use this wheel part to build a wheel that I can play F1 2010 or in other word to chang the unsupported wheel to supported one
    thank you for reading my letter

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  2. well to anser your question: you could get a board from Leo Bodnar hookup all the sensors from the wheel to that i know Leo's boards will be reconized by the games you want to play. you would need a little technical skill but i think everyone could do that.

    but isnt it easyer to just get a wheel from ebay and send it to your country? I donno your budget but i think you can get a log momo for a fair price there or even g25 or g27 for some more money offcourse. then you would certainly know you get to play the game.
  3. oh thank you Mr.Wietse for answering my question,but today I was playing with game(F1 2010 my favorite)and manage to use the weel for sterering and gear changing with the keyboard for the rest (although there is not any feedback) but the result is somehow above average
    Thank again Sir.
  4. UpDate 14-4-2011

    I manage to make this wheel to run with F1 2010 but up to 70%, I use my wheel for driving and the XBOX360 Controller for the rest