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Can I make a suggestion

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. jimortality


    I know posting lap times for club races is frowned upon, one of the reasons is that it might put people off joining as they think they will be too slow but I feel this could work the otherway as well. I've been practising in between nightshifts for Friday WEC race at Daytona and I managed to get a laptime from someone. I'm 5 seconds slower but instead of it putting me off, it's spurred me on. I will need to consult the world renowned set up engineer @David O'Reilly to try and find me some extra speed for the BES Porsche without any gear settings. My point being, I'm slow but it makes me want to do something about it and maybe it could spur others on as well? My time for Daytona is only 1.51 and the laptime from someone else was 1.46 so If people see my time they might think hang on! I can do that time or better so I might as well join the race. Anyway just a thought, see you tomorrow night :)
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  2. Not posting is not only for not putting people off.

    It should also be a motivation to practice on the server to see the others times. So that you not only need to practice offline and only show up for the race.
  3. jimortality


    I do practice on the server but there hasn't been anyone on during the afternoons this week so I've not been able to guage my own lap times.
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  4. Hi Jim,

    if you like, you are welcome testing my qualy setup for the BES Porsche 911.
    It's a modified set of @David O'Reilly 's LeMans setup (thx btw ;)).
    You can also check the replay of my fastest lap so far. Look at the braking btw, I always hit the throttle a little bit to keep the rear stable.
    I just used auto clutch.
    Hope it helps to get you faster. Good luck.

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  5. jimortality


    Cheers Andreas I will certainly give it a try.