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Can I have career PLEASE

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by maharajmeister, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. I need ye help good fellows. After spending months battling through my first career, especially during my Christmas vacation, which finishes this Monday, winning the championship after Brazil and signing for Red Bull. I get an autosave corrupt message after restarting the game to continue playing. ( check the few posts I have on this forum as evidence, I have used some of the setups. )
    I tried one of the mods which allows me to start a career in any team I want but I start with 0 career points, plus the mod has some weird AI performance bugs.
    Can any one please send me a season completion file or completed season file or whatever its called so I can take my 20-21 points with me and get on with it. It is not human to start this from scratch again.!!!!
  2. Many people on here will have a go at me for being harsh but....

    If you intend to use mods that change how the career mode was designed to be played and you get errors then I have no sympathy for you, and to be fairly honest starting from scratch isnt that big of a deal.
  3. I almost wanted to say slap a resume together and start applying and good luck with your interviews.:rolleyes:

    Like Jason said,no biggy to start over again I had the same thing and am about to start over again when I get the chance.
  4. gotta agree with the lads, using the career mod isnt the besty, start from scratch and personal the on ly mods i use is the Hud, my own skins and ive been playing with AI mods to make them a little more realistic,,,,search for ''Webber only crashes 28,000 times V1.32''.

    Na seriously using the career CHEAT !!, and yes its a cheat imo, isnt gonna do you any favours. start again and patch, save error and you should be good to go. Like jason i have no issues with being harsh as the mod is a blatant cheat.

    Good luck with you new career and i hope you have all the assists off
  5. In fact I just restarted my career now im a bit more used to the tracks :)
  6. same, looking forward to Monaco and Silverstone........
  7. maharajmeister in using that mod you have broken the game and if you manage to get to season two with it you will be among a select few, but as you said you encountered the problem that mod's creates a corrupt save game and there is no way to recover it. You must remove the mod and start over with a crap team :D I am afraid my friend (divine retribution lol).
  8. No no there is a general misunderstanding here. I played the career mode "vanilla" as is, no mods and got the autosave error after Brazil, after accepting Red Bull. I installed that "start with any team mod" after in desperation.
    Wait, I did view the full race replay and took screen shots with FRAPS, could have messed things up?
  9. Oh I see did you try the save error fix in the download section ? Save Error Fix
  10. Yeah I looked at that but not to sure what to do?
    Jeeze your online early on a Sunday.
  11. he doesnt sleep, hes like a terminator, though only in high heels
  12. :D sleep is a waste of time as is eating but alas I have to participate or my frail body fall's apart :( just download the file and insert it into your system muwhahaha that's your system folder in the game folder ! And it may help but if you had that mod on I don't hold out much hope for you, sorry !
  13. Thanks for the advice. But I will game a rest. To frustrating, the game is soooo beautiful soo buggy.

    Edit- I found a save games back up when I did a skies and lighting update. Takes me back to silverstone. So I will replay from there. On EASY everything, can't be bothered. Will keep backing up. Is this autosave error frequent? Will that save game fix you linked to me fix any future problems?
  14. the save game fix only allow you to save when you have certain mods installed that disable saving without it (mostly mods messing with the ai), it does not 'fix' anything when your save games become corrupted.

    Sadly corrupt save games seem still to be a fairly frequent occurance (I've had 2 post patch, despite CMs statement they fixed it in the patch - yea right lol)

    Luckily you are also on PC, so just make backups as much as possible, it's the only failproof solution...That's what I did.

    As far as your OP, I restarted my career when in season 3 driving for ferrari, not because of any bugs, but because the game just became too easy with a top tier car (expert mode ofc), i was miles ahead in WDC, no challenge at all. So I restarted with Lotus, plan to work my way up to Williams and stay there for the rest of my 7 year career and work them back up to their former glory :)
  15. Ever since RDEVS save fix, I havent had a corrupt save...only ai mod I run is true ai 1.4
  16. Really thanks for all the encouragment guys. This is a steep learning curve. After years of modding and tweaking GP4 blindfolded, I have to relearn alot.
    (PS looking for a throttle control unlocker mod)