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Can I autogenerate a list of all installed cars?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Vaughn Stegeman, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Topic title asks it all.
    I'm hoping that somehow a list of all my installed cars, official and mod, can be autogenerated. Preferably including details such as which car 'class' it's in, HP, torque, etc.
    Barring that, does anyone know where I might find a complete list of all cars included in Race 07 plus all add-on DLC?
    That'd be great.
  2. Dont know aboutgenerating a list but i found these lists I downloaded way back.
    1st one is a list with Mass, power and torque of all cars and the 2nd is a power-mass ratio of the same cars.
    With special thnx to the creator of the lists: Alexander Summ alias Damien Seven

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  3. Bart Snijders - Thanks! Those are indeed interesting.
    However, I think I may have to work one up myself by hand. I'd like have the cars sorted by class for one thing, and those lists don't include ALL the cars available in the complete Race 07/addons package.
    Perhaps this is something I could contribute to the community. Maybe even make it a spreadsheet so it's sortable however one likes. ... hmmmmmm ... that would be VERY time consuming.