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Can anybody remake the orignal Tnfs road courses ? (like the beautifull coastal road)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by justasimfan, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Hi there !
    A lot of tracks were made along the years for racer yet what i always dreamed of someone remaking one of the original "Road & Track present the need for speed" road courses.I still remember the beautiful scenic ride on the coastal road .(the city and mountain roads were also very very beautiful but the coastal was simply something else.)

    In all my years of gaming i have not seen any other similar track made for a simulation. :(

    I mean we have nordsliefe,isle of man,grand de turini,mount venoux,lienz hillclim and a couple of touge roads in rfactor to satisfy the "mountain road" craving...

    (Our own Swiss Stroll could become incredible if there was a way to enlarge it somehow...For example make it part of a longer mountain course with the road passing a village for example...)

    But honestly if somebody makes that road (with the quality of swiss stroll cg ) it would become a dream drive.

    Here is a description of those amazing tracks (in 720p ):

    race on Coastal road

  2. Wow, man, awesome idea! I've always wanted to drive that in racer. But it would take hella lot of time.
  3. Yes it would.But i cannot thins anything more amazing and spectacular to bring some breath of new life for racer !

    And if anybody can make that true is people like some1 or Tops....(is he still around ? )
  4. And hey, there are already "Mountain road" tracks for Racer -Swiss Mountain and Mountain Pass. Check them out, i'm sure you love em.

    Video of Swiss Mountain:

    Mountain Pass:
  5. Both routes look fantastic ,i didn't know that the above tracks even existed ! :) But at the same time both courses need a LOT of work to get to an "acceptable level" .
    There is constant view of the 2d horizon....At places where there are cliffs the cliffs dissapear to close to the roads.Too many barriers.Very very few trees,both need better textures and there are NO roadside objects,buildings,signs,billboards,electrical/telephone lines...nothing...

    A far as routes,lengh and terrain both courses look incredible.IF they are updated to get to Swiss Stroll level of quality they will be absolutely amazing...
  6. Just trying to reheat this thread maybe...someone actually tries to make the track i suggested or improve the tracks WiNde suggested that could look awesome if updated to the swiss stroll cg level of quality.
  7. Porsche Unleashed Tracks where also really nice. E.g. the Alps:

    I like how the weather changes the higher you go. Really immersive. Even if it looks dated, the feel is just spot on I think.
  8. WiNdE,
    That video of Swiss mountain appears to be the old version before I updated it and put it on tracciontesaras.
  9. boomer541 You made those tracks !!!!!!! Is the updated version fixing the problems i mentioned or does it still need a lot of work to be finished?

    In any case man try to make it as good looking and polished as swiss stroll.With its lengh and route it can become a dream track !!!
  10. Currently updating tracks I originally made to the latest racer version, perhaps I'll look at these later. But not for awhile as it takes a lot of time to do them. Be patient.
  11. I don't mean to put you down, but both creating tracks and improving old ones
    take a huge amount of time, I know that from personal experience. Also I think
    your post #5 in this thread is a bit "out of line" since you did not make the tracks,
    you have done nothing to improve the tracks, and you criticize old tracks that
    were made for a very different Racer "aera".

    If you like those tracks so much you can easily improve them yourself and keep
    them as private "mods". I have done that with several tracks and will do the same
    with even more. If you need information and help on how to alter a track I am sure there
    are many of us who will help you, and I for one will as there then will be more content
    providers for Racer - if you do learn the process.. :)

    PS: I agree that Swiss Mountain is a fun track and it would be really great to see it
    improved. Mountain Pass I think is nice as is.. but that is only /my/ opinion ;)
  12. I think that it's efortless both updating and releasing new content at the moment. Racer is still being developed towards the v090 "final", and until then, many changes could be made to quicky age those updates/new content. Just my opinion! :)
  13. @Splashonda: heh. it is not "effortless". you learn alot in the process and since 0815
    the shaders have not change alot. What i do with 0815 still looks good with 0822, so
    we are almost there.. any future tweaks might be trivial. So start your engines and
    get to work! ;)
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'd have to agree with Splash, although you are right Luke - it is good to learn from the process. But as Splashonda said, I think it's best to wait until we have a final solid structure to work on - especially with updating, since updating cars from years ago takes a lot of effort to do it right and do it well since there have been that many changes :)
  15. @KS: agreed, when it comes to cars. not tracks. i think it is "safe" to at least start updating. :)
  16. updating allows one to test the latest version instead of just looking at it with carlswood!
  17. Hi there! Still reheating this thread hoping somebody takes the time to make a dream...road...

    @ boomer541 Did you find any time to work on swiss mountain ? That road with enough work if...brought to cg swiss stroll level will be a heavenly road ......