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Career Campionato Italiano GT 2015 1.1.1

Career + special events - 24 skins (23 replica + 1 fictional) 2K-4K

  1. pikaman submitted a new resource:

    Campionato Italiano GT 2015 - Career + special events - 23 real 4k vector skins + 1 fictional (player)

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  2. Too bad i forgot to mention... :(

    2 tracks are included in the package:
    - Vallelunga osrw by @Arbuzzz (uses official track but bypass the 22 pit limits) -
    - Misano by @Roberto Olivetti (still beta with sometimes crazy IA in first laps, but fully playable)

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  3. Hi, downloaded the EGT cars and tested no probs, really great work and well worth £4. However when I try to start the Career it says it cannot find Corvette C6 lod.ini file.
    When I look in the cars there is a Corvette C6R listed but inside the folder in only a Skins folder. There is a separate Corvette in the EGT section which is complete. Any ideas, thanks?
  4. Tommi Saari

    Tommi Saari
    Moving chicane Premium

    C6 is separate car from EGT mod and can be found here under cars for free. CIGT mod only includes skins for the series cars.
  5. pikaman updated Campionato Italiano GT 2015 with a new update entry:

    fixed some wrong previews + info updated

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  6. 1) Move the skin from "Corvette_C6R" folder to the "urd_egt_corvette" skin folder.
    2) Go to career\seriescigt2015\ open "opponents.ini" look/search for "Corvette_C6R" change it to "urd_egt_corvette" and save.....have fun:)
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  7. Hi, I'm getting the following error when loading the first race: vallelunga TRACK NOT FOUND. I've tried everything with no success. How can I fix this?
  8. That Vallelunga version sadly is old right now.
    You can find the updated version here on RD, but .ini files need a fix, so i'll fix it asap.

    Thank you for your question.
  9. Thank you! I will try to find the updated track. Could you please let me know when you updated the .ini, or if I can do it myself? Cheers
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  10. Thx for your work , i have everyhing on the pack
    But when i try to begin Career i have this error "Vallelunga trcak missed" , and i can drive on this track on practice mod .
  11. Yes, the career is broken due to the track updates.
    I'm waiting for my pc to come back (doesn't work right now) and i'll fix this.
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