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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. hi,I m afraid I can get the desired results, about cameras, the questions are:

    Does anybody get make the static camera point to the desired point, only using BTB??, I can not, each camera I set to static, points nowhere!!!

    Does anybody get make a tracking camera move , only using BTB??, No movement appears!!

    Another problem is that in some parts of the circuit where cameras from different parts of the track are quite closed, there is an undesired mixture of images!!, that is a camera is activated when i dont want to activate it, I ve change the distance activation, tried different configurations, but not good results, any idea???

    thank you very much
  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    The cameras function in BTB is easy to use, but not that easy to master.

    If there are any gaps in the activation meshes, it will jump to the nearest camera, which isn`t always the one you want it to go to.

    As for the static issue, actually have you camera pointing in the direction you wan the camera to point in-game, then click 'set position'.

    ~Hope that makes sense, and hope it helps :)
  3. hi, thanks, when you say "then click 'set position' ",you mean, "set to current view", in basic tab?, if not, I dont have any other place to click

    , aaaand what about cameras moving along a path?

  4. when you set the camera view, click the set to current view after.on all camera's.

    cameras moving along a path are easy to set,watch the video's
  5. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Yeh, sorry, i meant 'set to current view'.

    As for moving along path, i`ve yet to master this little gem. Although, from what i`ve done so far, you drag out a small path (like a think white line with arrows on) and thats where the camera moves from and to. Play around a little and it should make more sense after a while :)
  6. hi, yeah, I know Piddy made it vey, very easy, but I set the path, and no movement is got, the same happens with static, I click set to current view and nothing the camera is rolled!!!1 ?¿??¿?,
    I ve watched the video, ok, clear and easy but...., for all the things you said, i assume that you ve done what you said and it works, doont you??

  7. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I`ve not had any problems setting cameras as yet.

    Not played with the moving cams very much, but it still worked when i did.

    Cant think what might be going wrong for you bud, sorry :(
  8. hi, dont know what im doing wrong, I will have to give up the idea of making the best tracking-making static-panic cameras ever seen in the universe :´(
    :) lol


    hi, c
  9. Could it be possible that there is something wrong with the static cameras? For some reason the static cameras seem to point in totally random directions in rfactor. I just can't get them setup as I want. I've tried multiple ways of adding static cameras, doing the steps in different order but they always end up pointing to somewhere there weren't supposed to, sometimes being rolled but never pointing to the direction they were set in btb.

    Normal cameras works just fine. The interface for adding cameras is really easy to use and self-explanatory, the static cameras just don't seem to point to the direction in rfactor where you set them to piont in btb.

    I'll see if I can make a test track to "prove it"...
  10. I don't think it's "worth" posting the track, the static cameras' direction seem to be just broken imho. I did 2 different quickie tracks from scratch, filled them with static cameras and 9 out 10 cameras were rolled and pointing to totally different direction that they were set up in btb.

    To reproduce: Just make a simple track, fill it with terrain and add few static cameras around the track. Export to rfactor, drive it in rfactor and watch the replay.

    To me it looks like that there could be a mix up in the code, the camera code uses the coordinates for direction in [x,y,z,rotation,direction_xy,direction_yz] form but they should be in [x,y,z,rotation,direction_xy,direction_yz]. Like there is a mix up the direction and roll coordinates - if you catch what I mean here.

    This would make sense as one of the cameras (1 of 10) does point in absolutely right direction with no roll. Naturally it could be something different but imho there is a bug with static cameras and their roll/direction in btb.
  11. Bug/oddity with static cameras?

    Well, here's a simple test track with couple of static cameras. All cameras were added like they are in the map pic:


    None has roll and all should point pretty much where they point in the above pic.

    Here's the venue, unzip the folder in the zip file to btb/my projects.

    Open the venue in btb and take note where the cameras are pointing at. Then export it to rfactor, drive on it a lap and watch the replay. If you see what I see you'll see that all cameras are rolled and point in "nowhere". In btb you can see where they are set to point.
  12. HI, adding them is very easy, and my problem is exactly as you say, they are pointed in a ramdom direction, only in one case the camera was right pointed, but pure luck, I think there is a bug.

  13. Works perfectly, just some overlap.
    All dead straight like in BTB.
  14. That's really strange. Just to be sure I deleted my original track from btb and rf and downloaded that file again. But for me the cameras are totally random in the replay, most are rolled and tilted and point in totally random direction and few of them are almost ok.

    Maybe it is something having effecting to the way btb exports the files into rf, something causing something to go wrong with the cameras... *stuff deleted*

    Actually I think posting replays doesn't really solve anything :D. Anyways, there is something strange going on if you get it all right and I all wrong and we both do it the same way...
  15. I downloaded the test track and it crashed. I changed a few things and it still crashed. So then i deleted all of the cams and placed my own cams and all was ok. I placed my cams by using the drive around the track mode and just pressed + for each cam. If you want me to upload the moded test track lettuce know. :cool:

    Your problem could be your HDD or other hardware issues. I would back up your data just to be safe.
  16. I very much doubt it is a hdd issue or something like that. Certainly, some parts of my hardware could be the problem but ALVAZ has the same problem and I think his computer setup is different enough. Anways, there are now three different outcomes for that file. For some it opens with incorrect cameras, for some it opens with the cameras being ok and for you it crashes your computer/btb.

    Obviously it could a problem with rf as well although I think static cameras have worked flawlessly with other tracks made by others. On my own tracks, they have never worked :).
  17. So are you runnig an ATI video card or a Nvidia? Just curious.

    ATI just put out a hotfix for its last patch by the way folks. I hope its the answer you guys have been waiting for.
  18. I'm running ATI but I have not yet applied the latest patch (or hotfix). I've had this problem for as long as cameras have been in btb and I've had few different ati drivers during that time too. I have reinstalled btb a few times too and it didn't cahnge anything.

    Although the uploeaded track worked fine for RT1971. So it might be an rf problem...
  19. Hi

    dont want to start a new thread.

    But, is it not possible to set cameras for RBR?