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Misc Cameras and Track Improvements! 1.7

Grass Track Improvements, Effects in the Cams

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question about your new grass.

    Did you integrated, that if I brake on your grass, that I see the skidmark because the tires stay still ?
    (Im sorry if I choose not the correct special words for race-language)

    Thanks and greetz :)
  2. hi, I did not understand well, I said on brake marks on the grass?
    I use my mod storm, and in it I do not remember if I changed or not it, if I remember right, I have avoided as it gave some problems, still learning to work with the new engine
  3. Thank you!! :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks mate. Awesome work, as I now have the cameras exactly how I wanted them. I really do appreciate the work.
  5. Thank you friend, your tracks are also perfect as usual ;)
  6. Very best job, it's just stunning!!!! :):thumbsup:;)
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  7. Thank you, I want to see if I can find the rear camera to change too
  8. Thanks for the cameras.
  9. F1 circuits don't have grass, it's a kind of flat astro turf. Nice idea though.
  10. I am pretty sure you will find their is plenty of grass on f1 circuits.
  11. I think you will find there is plenty of grass on f1 circuits.
  12. has little, but has, some less almost non-existent, but has, It is more for effect, which is pretty cool,
    It has a version with very thin grass
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  13. Hello @vlasovas,
    I installed your mod for camera and track improvements and its awesome ! But the problem is, with things like R&D programs or safety cars, the signs appear in the middle of the screen when I use the TV cockpit cam. Is there a way to prevent it ?
  14. I not have come across it, because I not have played, but tested mod, but as the on-screen prompts are always standard of the game, I find it hard change their position, unfortunately is a problem that accompanies the series since 2010