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Camera tilt in cockpit view

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Jebus, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Is there a way to tilt camera up/down in cockpit view? Editing orientationoffset in default.cam or individual car.cam doesn't seem to have effect. I'm used to use it in AC and really missing it in AMS.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here's how to:
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  2. I'd appreciate a practical solution for that as well. It should be possible without editing all of the cars' files. An option to set this up ingame would be great! :thumbsup:
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  3. This camera customization feature should be a de facto standard in cockpit view realtime. Having this primary view control panel is visually the fastest way to get any user to become comfortable with any game. Comfortable to enough to really enjoy all the other fine intricacies and dimensions of the game as a whole!

    Some people can never get past their uncomfortable camera. This would alleviate that from happening.

    Thank you for such a feature/content rich work of art, BTW.
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  4. I'll second that! – There is in fact a quite ancient sim doing exceedingly well in this department: Live For Speed. :p After more than 14 years on the market it still is one of the easiest sims to adapt to the user!

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  5. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    Do you mean tilt an angle? or just lower, higher? Than just lower or raise your seat, I have it mapped to the up/down arrows on the keyboard.
  6. I believe he means tilt an angle. I would like to see this feature for sure . I like moving up in the seat and slight angle down towards the hood. This is and opion in other game's. But I don't see it in this games menu.
  7. This. Naturally.
  8. Isn't this what "TV cockpit" already is? It's a little higher, angled toward the nose of the car. What I would really like is to have the virtual mirrors a bit more customizable. If I'm in a formula car, I just want the two side mirrors, not the middle rear view.

    Regardless, more customization in the views/angles would definitely be welcome.
  9. Damn I've missed that tv cockpit. Gonna try it now, hope it's what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  10. I use tilt up/down (Camera Tilt Up - Camera Tilt Down in controls) but I have assign them to an axis in my button box, I haven't try to assign it to buttons.
    To 2 other axis I also have Camera Move Forward/Backward and Camera Move Up/Down.
    All are working fine from the cockpit camera.
  11. TV cockpit cam was not the solution sadly.

    But this is much more feacible. Doesn't work as needed with binding to buttons. But I have TM Hotas Warthog gas box, I can get needed axis with it.

    Thanks for the tip.

    I still hope we get an official solution for this at some point.
  12. Just a quick request that solution NOT be specific only to cockpit view but usable in any view including bumper and bonnet views. Also, in many cases (possibly even better solution although some purists may not like) simply allowing infinite range of seat adjustment would do the trick. Is this easy to accomplish in text file somewhere and does anyone know the line that needs to be changed?
  13. I'm simply using freecam and adjust the view by pressing slow cam and Up and down plus tilt cam up and down, doing that since the early rf1 days, working just fine.

    greetings Mikk
  14. Are you sure you edited the right parameters? I just did it for all the cars and it works perfectly fine.
    Just go to the column "LocalCam=COCKPIT" and edit the line "OrientationOffset=(0.00000, 0.000000, 0.000000). The first value is to pitch the camera upwards (positive values) and downwards (negative values). I'm using 0.15 for a view that's slightly upwards.
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  15. Yup. Tried with several different negative values, even ridicilous ones, but no effect. Did you edit default.cam or each cars own .cam file?

    Edit. Reading again your message I guess you did it in each cars' own .cam. I've tried both with no joy, gonna try again.
  16. Idk what I did wrong earlier but now it works. Thanks @smove for making me try again.

    Still would be nice to have hotkeys for it.
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  17. Added instructions to the first post.

    I can't edit the thread header tho. Is that something reserved for premiums only?
  18. MarcG


    I have posted about this in an AMS Wishlist thread in the beta forum a couple of weeks ago, needs to be an in-game binding like in RF2 preferably.
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  19. OK, out of curiosity I have to ask - what do other values modify? I imagine one of them rotates the camera from left to right, but would be nice to get a confirmation. :D Thanks in advance!
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  20. Okay, I investigated a bit into this:

    The three values in the line "OrientationOffset=(0.00000, 0.00000, 0.00000)" do the following:

    1st) tilt camera upwards (positive values) and downwards (negative values)
    2nd) swivel (=look) right (positive values) and left (negative values)
    3rd) tilt camera left (positive values) and right (negative values) which tilts the horizon as well

    The range of the numbers is based on pi (roughly 3.141592) which is equivalent to 180 degrees. So for 90 degrees it's 1,570796 and so on.

    If you want the camera to look straight back, for example, you have to use the values 0.00000, 3.141592, 0.00000.
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