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Camera positions

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by luthobu, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Pressing CTRL+6 brings up the Profile info, and there I found some info on the camera position.
    Is this the "outer" camera, or the car cam? Can this info be used to adjust the cam view in the car?
    Sorry if I am unclear, don't know how to explain.. what I want to achieve is the hood view as in the
    second picture.. but without having to move the cam manually every time.

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  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yeah, I'd also like to know, I always change the view to how I prefer it and it would be handy to have it properly set up.
  3. The picture shows an in car camera one of the 1 to 0 camera views that can be selected with in car camera settings as you drive
    using keyboard button C and selecting one of the ten choices 1 to 0
    firstly go into the car.ini section cameras as in the following example code..
    OFFSET is I think the placement of the camera ( where the camera is positioned in relationship to the car )
    ANGLE is the direction the camera is facing ( the point of view from the camera's OFFSET position )
    ;------------start of example code ( this is using code from BMW M1 keyboard number 9 of the in car camera view )
    ; ( I thought it was appropiate as it also has a camera name called HOOD )
    ;-------------------------- end of example code

    then change the OFFSET to get your position your looking from and the ANGLE for the direction your looking to from the car's/camera prospective.

    make a backup some where else , MOST especially when working with the racer.ini file and using Raven for race as it has a habit of changing anything with Racer and INI in it's name e.g. racer.ini.txt if you leave the backup in the Racer folder... but that's a whole new topic...
    I would make backups in a new folder off of the folder call sim
    for example:
    c:\sim\backups\camera_changes\bmw f1\car.ini
    or for WIN_XP and lower 32 bit computer OS's it could also be ..
    c:\program files\sim\backups\camera_changes\bmw f1\car.ini
    or for windows Vista or other OS 64 bit it would be ..
    c:\program files (x86)\sim\backups\camera_changes\bmw f1\car.ini
    before I start so that I can go back to the default ini case I mess things up.

    well your sure to get the picture ....