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Camera Pack

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Bull, May 5, 2011.

  1. OK got my game sorted as for 2011 season so far awaiting the arrival of rdev mod to do it properly...
    I have Pirrelli wheels and the cars installed I just need a decent cam pack that wont make my game crash out when I try to start.

    Any sugestions?
  2. Haha 47 people looked at this and not 1 could answer what camera pack is best or even a link. Thanks for the suport?
  3. Thank you, you 2 thats what I wanted...a link now I can get on with it in a way I like....Haha.
  4. gonna hijack your thread instead of creating a new thread Chris hope you dont mind =P

    i'm in the process of building my own cockpit and im looking for the most realistic cam i can get that complements my rig's seating position and custom wheel. what im looking for is a camera view that lets me see my tires but does not show the traditional cockpit view (wheel/gloves etc). my rig is a full size chassis so i have my cockpit view already. heres a reference link to my build:

    i based it off of this:

    on the first page about 3-4 posts down it shoes him driving. thats approximately where my monitor(s) are going to stand, im using an eyefinity setup.

    does such a cam exist? or can i change anything in the already written cams to get the view im looking for?
  5. Both the RDDev and Vlasovas cams have a "Nose Cam". It doesn't show the wheels but it looks like that might work for you.

    Look about 3:15 for the nose cam.