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Camera Hack NOT working on windows 7 or 8

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pangaea, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Pangaea


    hello.. i recently got a new pc.. it came with win8 now camhack wont work.. initially it said it was looking for dx8vb.dll... so i downloaded it and copy / pasted into multiple folders in windows, sys32.. 64bit wow folder.. everywhere.. now it loads, but immediately crashes... i mean becomes non=responsive

    i tried the registry trick ... still freezes on open

    can someone please explain why the f**k this is happening, how the f**k to get it working.. im really really angry and pissed off about this..

    ps. i installed windows f**king 7 and still the same issue.

    can somone for the love of whatever god you believe in help me out... please
  2. M1GHTY M4VS


    I think it is about that they changed the way they handle DX since Vista you may ask this at Rallyesim.fr but shoulda keep a mild tone if there's a solution I'm sure you'll get it there.
    The Devs are also very helpful if you ask them :)
  3. duko


    I have W8 64bit version and it's working fine. I use RSRBR2013 mod wich include camera hack. Maybe u should do a clean install of the game along with this mod.