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Skins Camel Lotus 100T HD & DHD 2.0

Camel back on the grid!

  1. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    ML2166 submitted a new resource:

    Camel Lotus 100T HD & DHD - Camel back on the grid!

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  2. Wou!!!
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  3. Thank's M8... Lovely and amazing Job as Always :)
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  4. Hell yeah, great job ml are you going to do more classic skins?
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  5. That is absolutely fantastic, unfortunately stuck watching crap tv with the wife and won't get chance to download until tomorrow.
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  6. Thanks for an excellent gift!:thumbsup:
    magnificent job!
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  7. Lovely skin!
    But remember: Smoking kills :geek:
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  8. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Only if your not near a fire extinguisher!

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  9. Awesome. :)

    Great work like always ML! :thumbsup:
  10. Or smoking on the toilet after eating a proper Chili con Carne :laugh:
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  11. So beautiful! :cry:
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  12. Excelent !!!!
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  13. Man OH Man...
    Cheers Bro!!
  14. amazing big thx
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  15. Nice one!!! Great work ( as always ):thumbsup:
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  16. ML, are the classic cars as difficult to make custom skins for as the 2013 default skins ?
    (Mirrored logos and coding)

    Awsome skin as always.
    Cheers Peter
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  17. Love it... great skin ML :)
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  18. Hope in next time it come more classic cars ; )
  19. Nice one! bout time a pro skinner pulled their finger out! ;) looks a lot ''sexier'' than my one! finding the nose spot was a fluke! I was messing about pasting logos all over the template till i found the right place and unmirrored too!
    Big shame about the 98t though.
    Anyhoo thankyou, a top job - only done my version cus i got fed up waiting for someone else.
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  20. WOOOOOOW!!! Fantastic job!!! How did you put the camel logo on the nose?