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Camaro mini league

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Yves Larose, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. yes

    19 vote(s)
  2. no

    5 vote(s)
  3. maybe

    14 vote(s)
  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i would be interested of doing a mini league using the Camaro and i want to know who would be interested of participating in it.
  2. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Hell yeah, definitly interested.
    But you knew that allready....:chuck:
  3. You can put me down as well.
  4. Well, guess I got to be a trial member at least, and probably get STCC, but I hope that both will happen in a short while :)
  5. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    If I'll have STCC then, yes :)
  6. Count me in also. I love these cars.
  7. Those cars are really hard to drive-fun aswell.If i would have time i would definatly go for this.

    I think if You learn to control Camaro and do some good times,You will be able to drive any RWD car with good results.
  8. yes plz
  9. I'd go for a Camaro mini league :)
  10. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    yer why not. new cars to me but thats half the fun right there.
  11. I would be interested, single car events are always good racing.
  12. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    anyone else interested ????
  13. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    is it all or anyone else interested ??:rotfl:
  14. :bump:

    had to bump this one back up as posts like this one are getting lost in here, maybe time we had the paddock back in the club section.
  15. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Very interested, if the time schedule suits me.
  16. A clear 'maybe' from me!

    Depends mainly on schedule
  17. maybe for me,the camaros are amazing but with the gtc ,the ftcc and my real life i don't know if i could join,depends of the race days ,when this league will start etc etc...
  18. I might be interested depending on race day, don't really know how my schedule for 2009 will look like at the moment and I don't want to sign up for something that I can't commit myself to...

    Kind regards,
  19. yeh id be interested as long as the events won't be on wednesdays
  20. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    interested depending on the day/time