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Calm down about Mclaren!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by BubblyBubbly95, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. I think there has been too much talk recently about the 'so called' poor performances that McLaren have been displaying and how everybody thinks they are not that competitive this year. McLaren has promised all it's fans months ago that it will have a car ready for the new season. An official lap has not even been set yet and people are already assuming that red bull or Ferrari are to walk away with the constructors. The Bahrain GP being cancelled could also play into McLaren's hands with a lot more time in the simulator for Jenson and Lewis then laying down some laps at the extended test session over the weekend of the 8-12 of march. I believe McLaren will come out all guns blazing come the start of the season and the Barcelona test coming up will give a lot of people a better opinion and insight to McLaren's pace. Come on all the boys at McLaren :)
  2. Sorry to disapoint you but Button have said it himself that they will have a poor performance at the start of the season. (I read it from my iPhone on the madeinmotorsport.com app)
    But it is true that no official lap have been made so who knows, this might just be a trick by Mclaren.
  3. It's not really that a lap hasn't been set, just the way that the Red Bull and Ferrari have been going around the track, regardless of lap times. The Red Bull has so much grip that it's taking corners flat out where no-one else can - they've even been opening up their rear wing on corners and still making it stick better than other cars. The Ferrari is apparently not that far away either.

    This doesn't mean McLaren can't also come up with the goods - the F1.com interview about Mercedes was quite revealing of the test process - teams often end up with inefficient temporary solutions to problems in order to get miles on the car, which prevent them from running everything as it was intended, and with the 'joined up' nature of whole aerodynamics solutions these days (over body, under body + exhaust energy) you might be missing a significant chunk if any one factor isn't 100%.

    But the real worry with McLaren is their recent repeated inability to transform theoretical progress to real world progress - in contrast to other teams like Renault. That means they *have* to put the miles on the car in it's final configuration to sort out that theoretical/real world difference. When they aren't able to do so because they're bodging together fixes for reliability then regardless of how neat a solution they might have found, they won't be getting the most out of it for a few races, by which time other teams will have the next thing on their cars as well.

    The button article is here (Italian):

    Don't forget to apply usual Italian bias to the above ;) All it seems Button is actually saying is the same as before - they haven't been able to put everything together yet because of reliability issues.
  4. I would worry about what happens in real races not during testing. There are plenty of races to come back if you start slow.
  5. i totally agree with you.... although Testing gives you a insight of who are going to be top dogs, but in races nothing can really compare you.

    Absolutly anything can happen, we saw that in the 2010 Season.
  6. Does anyone know if there is any coverage available of the testing because all I have been able to get is test reports. (UK)
  7. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

  8. Thanks. would like to see all the new cars in action though
  9. Even in official practice, the results are often far from the real pace. I seem to remember Rosberg in a Williams topping a lot of the timesheets during practice...
  10. I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube.