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Calendar with nkpro races.

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Bjorn de Haas, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Guys here you can see a small overview with the tracks and cars were gonna run the next few weeks.

    March 2nd Istanbul - ftarget - 2 races
    March 09th Road america - formula ks2 - 2 races
    March 16th Aosta gsport - Osella 2 races
    March 23th Spa Franchorchamps - GT vintage - enduro
    March 30th Fuji - formula ks2 - 1 race
  2. very nice calendar :D
    no more excuse for me to training properly
  3. Looks great and something for everyone, loving the sound of 80 minutes with the Abarth. Why no Mugello though chaps? It's a great track and don't think we have used it yet.
  4. Mugello is the final round in the Nations League. Lets build the anticipation and avoid it in the club races ;)

    I agree it looks great. Only one I'm not sure of is the Osella at Newbury. It deserves a better track, but thats just my opinion ;)

    Laguna is the perfect choice to introduce the Shelby!
  5. Cool! Tx Bjorn!:D
  6. And if you ahve some ideas for events pm me and i will use them in my next calender:D
  7. Will the club races go on during nations league? I doubt that I will be able to engage in both, especially since I havent learned half of the tracks in the league yet.
  8. Yeah like other leagues it goes on:) but only if you feel to race.
  9. That calender looks good. I can't waite to try out the Fiat Abarth in an endurence race :)
  10. nice :) the F1800 bounces like crazy in monaco :D
  11. It is killing me that I won't be able to do these races because of the time of day (middle of my work day during the week). I'm not a big fan of the KS2. I love the little F1800 and the Abarth though. Any chance of repeating these races on the weekend after the NGP season?

  12. mate ofcourse we can do a few races in the weekends after the league, will be on some nice track/car combos
  13. Ah, great news!
  14. 1800s @Monaco....that will be the maddest smash up darby ever:D
    I look forward to the shelby and silverstone round but am bummed I can't race at Monza due to not owning GTR2.
  15. I think that some races with F2000 and FTarget would be good also. I'm out in the no wings cars, is a kind of driving I don't like to do.
  16. same for me Sérgio,
  17. Same here, though after millions of years in the F2000 and FTarget i am pretty much sticking with the KS2 these days.

    I figure i will need alot of time for offline wet weather practice soon! :)
  18. I think it will be dissapointing if the 1800's are dropped as there is enough guys that enjoy them. I feel the same way as yoiu guys so but with the KS2 but will still race them. The 1800 is so much more rewarding than the KS2, If they are swapped it's just gonna be a KS2 championship, and we have the league for that.

    Really don't understand the love for the KS2 Tbh, yeah it's fast but it's hardly rewarding.
  19. Oh, I agree, don't drop any cars. I was just mindlessly blathering about what I prefer.

    The F1800 is a great car, I have just kind of had my fill of it, plus there is so much to learn with the KS2. Still, I can race elsewhere, or, being a weirdo, have a great time lapping on my own!
  20. It's new, it's fast, it's fun and it's easy to drive :)

    But yeah, I have found new love for the 1800.