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Cabin movement improvement - OrientationRate

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by VeloW, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. First of all: fantastic work REIZA! I love it!

    There is one thing that can be improved though IMHO, it is the cabin movement.

    It felt like my head was glued to the headrest - truck fixed, world moving around.
    Watch how it is when you drive in a real car - car moves, world is fixed!

    In all my sims I try to adjust that, because the stationary vehicle idea is a leftover of early game development.
    Luckily that starts to change now, see Assetto Corsa! And a lot of discussion - and resistance to change - in the sim world.

    Here is what I found out to make the cabin movement more natural, a simple change in the FTruck_Cams.cam file:

    OrientationRate=(10.000000, 50.000000, 2.000000)

    all default values were 999, wich effectively stop all movement.

    To show the difference I made two crude vids (don't look at the driving, it is for demonstration
    (50% Gforce ingame, 6 40 4 there btw.))

    WITH cabin movement:

    WITHOUT cabin movement:

    A good notion of all this is at the end of the vids when I stopped, see how the cabin rotates - or not - when revving the engine.

    It must be carefully tuned but together with the headphysics it could be very convincing and immersive!

    I hope REIZA Studios take notice and maybe even can do something with it.
    Ofcourse everyone can mod their cam files to see for themselves ;)

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  2. Thanks for this, the more immersive the better for me :D
  3. instantly favourited, should be part of V1.1 :)
  4. I cant find the cam file to change, Ive pretty much looked through them all?
  5. This is a very good fix, I would just like to let you know, real head motion plugin also works really well, I never drive GSC , FTruck or rFactor without it.
    (it's by magicfr, search for it on the rfactor forum).
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  6. i cant change the file?! it says its "not allowed" to change the file. how can i get this to work?
  7. Tobias Liesaus
    right mouseclick on the file, then options or in german Eigenschaften, then change the rights for the normal user under the point security to full rights.

    Keith Windsor
    Have you something changed in the ini for the Formula Truck
  8. Frank, no, I use real head motion 1.0 by magicfr. Just put the two files into the plugins folder, and that is all, it works fine for me straight away. But if it does not work properly due to some of your settings, then the following lines in your plr file need to be edited to read like this:

    Cockpit Vibration Mult1="0.00000" // Primary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint position (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq1="0.00000" // Primary rate of vibration affects eyepoint position (higher framerates allow higher rates)
    Cockpit Vibration Mult2="0.00000" // Secondary vibration multiplier affects eyepoint orientation (base magnitude is in VEH or cockpit file)
    Cockpit Vibration Freq2="0.00000" // Secondary rate of vibration affects eyepoint orientation
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  9. Really good this. Rather than editing PLR everytime for fix this and that I like these clean plugins. Thanks for the tip.
  10. should be here:
  11. Smoooth! Cheers mate!
  12. ;)
  13. I run both suggestions at hand combined, pretty satisfied, less front/rear/shift swing, more sidemovement/curbhopping :) thank you all
  14. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Using both: great mods:thumbsup: