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Buying this game may be a terrible mistake.

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Qqpon, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hi there people, before reading this message you should be aware that you may find disturbingly stupid grammatical mistakes throughout my post, as well as weird use of certain words in wrong contexts. The reason for that is that I'm french and despite doing my best to make the stuff i write comprehensible for everyone, i have truly no clue if what i'm saying is making sense for you or not :3

    So, what i have to say is pretty simple and surely innapropriate since we're in codemasters realm. But please, you need to boycott this game. Not because I'm asking you to do so, but because you should be conscious of your consumers rights, and the pressure you can put on a company that seems at first glance untouchable, by just the simple act of not giving them your money.

    The annual economic model they're using right now for this licence has no legitimate reasons to exist, each year they earn the jackpot for almost free develeppoment costs. The engine's the same, the textures are copy/pasted and the overall ergonomics is even getting worse every year. I may be a bit harsh there, but one thing is sure, there is no passion behind the work we are now used to see from this company.

    You must realise you have the ability as a customer, to influence how the product you buy should look like. For years you and I have tolerated this traditionnal annual release, but now we have come to a point where the new content each year is so poor, that an amateur could have produced the next F1 game himself, with a simple upgrade/mods done on his free time.

    If you're concerned about sparing 60 bucks, you should massively boycott this licence until they're forced to lower the price at a much reasonnable level. And they're obviously not going to like that, better quality content for less money ? Truly a nightmare for a marketing crew. But that's here you step in, here is a company that won't listen to your complains ? No big deal, just let it drown. That's something we actually have the power to do if the majority of us can be on the same wavelength.

    If we weren't so tolerant about this kind of marketing scam, we could have had a new F1 game every 5 years (mainly for the physics, and the graphical update), with a low cost update that is released each year (for no more than 10 dollars, or this would be very greedy from their side), to stay updated with the new reglementations and cars' changes.

    Let me just tell you, that the annual game release is not a fatality, unless we think of it as if it was the case. They're just pushing it because no one is contesting the legitimity of this model. So i you want to do a fair purchase the next time a F1 game get released, you have to put pressure on the editor/developpement team very soon, or we're going to stay stuck forever in this unfavorable situation, where one side is clearly abusing of the other.

    Thx for reading mates. See ya.
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  2. I think this post is about 1 year and 6 months too late....:cool:
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  3. Reading this post may be a terrible mistake.
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  4. tl;dr

    They said there's a new game engine, parade lap, podium, and it's the first game on the new generation consoles. So as the huge Formula1 fan I am, I'm getting it, whether you like it or not.

    A copy pasted Formula1 game is better than no Formula1 game. So stop turning people off of it.

    It's our money, it's our lives. What we do with it should not concern you. So shut up.
  5. I stopped buying after I didn't like 2012, rented a PS3 version of 2013 (which was an improvement but not enough for me to buy) and haven't bothered with it since. Be wary though that Codemasters have been facing near bankrupcy, laying off a lot of people and losing a lot of talent.

    They are probably relying on F1 2015 and their lower budget early access Dirt Rally just to stay afloat. I've stopped buying because it was not the game for me, though I enjoyed 2010 and 2011 I was looking for things to move forward and I felt they went backwards.
  6. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least Premium Member

    I really want this game to be great, but i'm pretty sure it won't be. Until i'm proved wrong i won't purchase. They left us in the lurch last year without any support after release. There were some major things that needed fixing with F1 2014. That and the cost of upgrading to xboxone and purchasing a new wheel and headset make it too much of an investment for me to jump in blind. A new system and a new ffb wheel and surround sound headset will run me about $1200..... that's too much right now.
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  7. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Captain Slow Premium Member

    I been using assetto corsa for months, at the end of day, the A 1 stinks, there no structural F 1 mode, the F 1 cars are only from mods. They're not that great, the pit system sucks, cars hit walls flat out and dont break, the graphics are good, but it's a Sunday afternoon drive round, that's it, no weather, no pit talk, I'm disappointed with it,

    I returned to modded F1 2013, on Pc, using my rig, it's a true F 1 game, so 2015 , new engine, new work and effort, I'm buying.! AC need work, and they appear to have stopped.

    The F1 would only give the license to worthy company, and they give it to codemasters. There a reason for that.
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  8. Your written English is actually good, far better than some for whom it is their first language. The use of the word "fatality" in your last main paragraph is a bit unusual - "inevitable"?

    I don't necessarily agree with everything you say, but you say it quite well. I think the real test this year will be how F1 2015 compares with Project Cars in relation to the promises made by Codemasters to provide a physics based and more immersive model.
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  9. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    OP only registered on the first of March to leave this message and never logged back in. Makes me wonder what the intention of this post is.
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  10. Probably works over at Slightly Mad Studios :rolleyes:
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  11. Um, I am going to buy it.
    And it is gonna be fun.

    Also, consumer boycotts don't work.
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  12. They do when a large majority supports it.

    But really despite how pissed i was that I bought F12014, played 1 100% career race and retired the game, I will still spend the $$ to test out the new one.
  13. Well I am going to completely ignore the post and hope for a good game. I also hope that codemasters havent hyped the game because there is something special(I secretely hope they've hired geoff crammond)
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  14. It would be great if Geoff Crammond made another f1 game i remember playing it on the amiga great game tbh.
    I bought F1 2014 really bad think i played it 5 or 6 times
    , i have preordered all F1 games from codemasters.
    This time i won`t be i will wait this time and see what other guys say about it first and then decide.
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  15. I'm buying it because I enjoy it and because I'm supporting Codemasters for actually making a game about a sport I love. Without Codemasters paying millions to have the license, I doubt any other studio would bother making it because theres so many legal clauses and advertising contracts its just easier to make "Normula 2 Twenty Fifteen" as opposed to the real thing. Except EA maybe, and you know how that'll turn out.

    Any F1 game they produce is a good base foundation for mods.
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  16. stadlereric

    Premium Member

    If F1 2015 turns out to be as good or better than the new Dirt game I'll probably be very happy. It should be better too considering Dirt uses the F1 2014 engine. For an early access game it is really quite enjoyable
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  17. After a little while I actually enjoyed the 2014 game, completed all the career and set-piece challenges. I especially enjoyed the new circuits at Austria and Sochi.

    But here's the thing I think - the cars are slow compared to previous seasons. Also, fuel; having to preserve it too much - at the expense of speed. That mirrors F1 itself. Is it a sprint or endurance motorsport? There's a few moans about the real thing in those respects.

    For me, one test for codemasters will be whether the 2015 game will provide the ability to adjust the Xbone controller settings for Xbone players. The steering radius and resulting limited change of direction on the pad has been a problem for too long - worse in the 2014 game because of the fixed gear ratios. Project Cars has that aspect sorted (now the Xbone version has been patched for its controller); but that game is still a work in progress; progress for which I suspect those of us who have the game will need to contribute towards financially over the next couple of years.

    If F1 2015 lives up to the key promises on record from CM, it will do its job. I will buy it. But it will inevitably tend to mirror the real thing, including the limitations on speed and fuel. And F1 2016? perhaps that is also part of the attraction of the F1 games and why I keep buying them every year, its connection to the real thing and all the associated question marks.
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  18. Just read there's no proper career mode. Just season and pro season. Pro season sounded awesome for me but if you finish 1 season and have to choose a new driver/team with no continuity what is the point. Usually I pick a midfield or back marker and make them champs, won't be able to do that now!

    Hopefully the multiplayer community is vibrant as I feel single player will be dissapointing.
  19. No safety car either, apparently. Not that I care about SC, but taking away features every year won't exactly please fans.
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  20. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    It looks like there going to be full online MP practice sessions, which were requested for years, essentially as there seemed to be a difference TT setups, career setups, and online setups.

    TT vs Career is logical, as one is a fully developed car (TT), and the career car is subject to R&D throughout the season.

    So that goes on the plus side of the equation :)

    Let's hope there's more that 6 saving slots though.
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