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Buying rFactor2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Kientopp, May 16, 2013.

  1. I would like to get people's opinion on what route I should take in buying rFactor2.

    1) $45 1-year deal or $85 lifetime deal?
    2) Have they announced if there will be an option to convert the 1-year deal into lifetime? If so, at what cost?
    3) Has the game ever gone on sale, and if so, when would you expect it to next?

    I actually bought the $45 1-year deal a couple of weeks ago. Had great fun with it. While Assetto Corsa is the sim I am most looking forward to, it seems like it would be good to also have rFactor2 because it will have access to cars such as the Skip Barber that Assetto Corsa will not have. I requested and received a refund though because my wheel developed some issues and am awaiting a free replacement, which is taking a few weeks.

    Thank you for any helpful replies. :)
  2. My opinion on it:)

    If you primaraly drive online I would choose lifetime, this because the game will develop for multiple years and I think (like many others) it will be THE game together with Asetto Corsa for the coming years. On top of that, you get a big amount of content over time, already 20+ cars announced, you get a lot of tracks, newest features completly new to simracing etc. 85 Euros aint that much money in that case imho.
    At the moment you can change it to lifetime if you bought a 1 year deal. I recently emailed them to change it for myself to lifetime, they stated that they don't have plans for now to change it, but they can't promiss that is possible in the future. They don't promote it, and it aint an official service.
    So to be safe it's better to choose lifetime. But the situation at the moment is that it is possible, and if you want to go lifetime you just have to pay the difference in price. Email them and you get a respons how to do it.
    Your last question I'm not sure how to read it. You mean they have discounts in any sort? Don't think at the moment or the coming years, unless the marketing is going really bad in a couple of months, when they actively gonna promote the game, but I don't see that happening. I guess if you wait 2 years it will be still the same price.

    Hope you find my answers helpfull:)

    Edit/Addition: Perhaps someone has experience with the pricing of Rfactor1 from the release untill now and can say something about it? Giving some indication what ISI has done in the past with promoting their products. I personally haven't been racing Rfactor 1 so have no idea about their history on price and promoting.
  3. Thanks for your input! $85 really isn't that much. I remember back when I was a console-only gamer, $85 every month or 2 was nothing. But mortgages, kids, etc. makes every purchase > $50 something to re-think.

    Currently playing online poker. If I make the extra $40, I will go ahead and get the lifetime when I get my replacement wheel. :)

    Still interested in hearing others' inputs though.
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  4. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I went the lifetime deal.
    Ill get at least 5 years of 10 hours a week.
    I think thats 2 pence an hour.
    Breathing is more expensive!
    So yes when you consider that you will need to buy nothing for years its cheap.
  5. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    Hi, :D
    I also think the lifetime membership is the best option, if you compare the price of iRacing and rFactor 2 is not very expensive ... We also know that online games work well with ISI. AC is eagerly awaited! but how it will be online? If I look netKar pro, there are many people who have problems online. Anyway there will be no perfect games, and in my opinion these two games will be the best 2 for a long time and probably complementary.:rolleyes:
  6. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    you can also try 30 days and request a refund then buy a lifetime subscription. This is what I did! :)
  7. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    The price I paid for Iracing, and the limited content I got there, is really absurd compared to rFzactor2. For 3 months of driving, 1 extra car and a few tracks, I spend around 80 - 80 euro's. With that, I have the knowledge that to play it, I need to buy even more as my 3 month subscription is about to end. So comparing it to IRacing is like comparing caviar with Frogeggs. Same idea, totally different world and pricing range.

    IMO, anyone who loves simracing for the simulation in it, has no reason not to have this game. Not buying it, is cheating on yourself imo. It is 1 of the best driving experiences around once you got it going, with some of the most realistic effects available.

    So, if you want my unsalted opinion about it, the answer is YES, you should buy it.
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  8. Thanks guys. I'm definitely going to get the game. I just wish they didn't have 2 purchase models, or that the lifetime was a bit cheaper.

    Did the calculuations last night, and I would have to play online for 4.5 years before the cost of renewing each year for $12/yr would exceed the extra cost of the lifetime model. If the lifetime were something like $65-$70, the choice would be more clear.

    It was also about 7-8 yrs between rFactor and rFactor2. How long do you figure until rFactor3? Has ISI made any statements about that?

    Considering the above, I'm leaning 60/40 towards the $45 deal, but I am happy if you guys can change my mind. :D

    I only started simracing in Jan. so I have only ever played netKar 1.3. But from what I have played, the online has been quite good. It has actually been better than Race07 overall. I have no real concerns about AC in this matter. The only thing I am unsure about for AC is the AI, since this will be their first game with it.
  9. Yep they did:) No precise date though, but in the contrary of Rfactor1 this will be a continuing development, and they will develop the game probably for 5 or more years.

    On top of that, I think it has features so new to simracing and there are new ones in development, that the product is so good and unique and has a lot of potential that we haven't seen, that there is no need for a rfactor3 for the coming years. All the competitors first have to catch up to the new techniques and features, before ISI will even think of making Rfactor3. But the last paragraph is what I suspect and guess, not something ISI stated somewhere.
  10. Screw it. I'm gonna just spring for the lifetime option once my wheel comes back.

    From my brief time with rFactor2, I don't remember seeing any friend list feature. Do any of you use steam? I often use it for impromptu laps in netKar Pro. Is there a steamgroup that people on this forum use?
  11. Good to hear that you gonna go for lifetime, so we can race you on track:D

    I don't know if there is a RD group on steam, I don't have it, sorry:)