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Buying a PS3 just for GT6?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by John King, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, need some help and opinions! Ive been a long time fan of the GT and have played both GT1 all the way thru GT4 and loved all of them....I skipped out on GT5 and GT6 since I didn't buy a ps3.....

    I recently started getting back into Sim Racing, with my recent purchase of ASSETTO CORSA, it made me realize once again how amazingly fun racing sims are..AC is a game that will not be touched for many years to come interms of the tire model and physics.....

    Funny thing is by playing AC it made me REALLY WANT Gran Turismo 6, with the lack of content in AC, GT6 just seems like a dream come true now and I want it!

    My questions are...1) is GT6 good enough to warrant a ps3 purchase? PS3s now adays go for about 140 bucks and I think I can stomach that price being that its only for 1 game.

    2) How realistc is the tire model and physics engine in GT6? After playing AC I know for a fact GT6 wont come close but id atleast hope that GT6 is pretty darn realistic too....I want a good simulator that forces you to drive good, been watching youtube videos of GT6 and it just seems like any random dummy can pick this game up and drive like Michael Schumacker....after watching literally hundreds of GT6 videos it seems like PD made it really hard to spin the car out, which too me is very unrealistic and sad :(....can anyone confirm?

    thoughts? thanks guys.
  2. No its not worth it and if you've played Assetto Corsa you're going to be very dissapointed in everything about GT6. Maybe GT7 for the PS4 will be a huge improvement but I wouldnt count on it. GT4 was the last good GT game.
  3. William Wester

    William Wester

    Just my $.02, I second Blkout's reply, I think you will be disappointed going to GT6 after starting with Assetto Corsa, especially if you are a wheel user.

    If you are looking for more than AC to keep you busy, there a quite a few other PC sims/games that can offer variety. Live for Speed, R3E/DTM, GSCE (excellent), F1 2013, Dirt 3, or even the older titles like Race07. Also, Grid Autosport is being released in a couple weeks and while not a true "sim", GT isn't either, it should be fun.
  4. 1. From gt4 to gt6 the only things that have improved is graphics and driving physics. Tracks are also very good. But the sounds are really bad, the single player experience is one of the worst grinds ever with ai so slow they could be solid obstacles on the track. Gt5 and gt6 also are very limited compared to gt4 in terms of single player content and there has been 0 innovation from gt4 to gt6 in single player. Gt6 is worthless as single player game imho because it is just so boring and repetitive.

    I played tons of gt5 when it came out and back in the day I think it was worth getting the ps3 for. It had tons of players online and the online system was very good for a console racer. And it had a very good version of the nordschleife. But now today I would not get a ps3 just for gt6. It simply doesn't offer anything new.

    Plus gt6 was a cash grab anyways as it is just a patched gt5 with few addon tracks. Pd is probably working on gt7 anyways and I'd be surprised if gt6 will provide any of the promised updates (the track editor or the suspension shaker rig).

    2. The physics are good for console game but the cars are easy to drive. I did not play my gt6 all that much before I got totally bored of it and sold it but in gt5 there were some really good cars (nsx-r, isuzu 4200R, S2000, the gt500 cars) while the majority of the cars very pretty average understeery ish. I'd imagine the same thing is true for gt6. Gt6 drives better than gt5 but it is still far away from the pc sim titles.

    Personally for me gt6 was a huge disappointment even though I was expecting it to be bad so for me it is a bit difficult to recommend gt6. Coming from gt5 it is not worthit to pay even 5€ for gt6 if you have played gt5 a good amount. If you have never played gt5 or gt6 then for a gt fan it might be worth it just to see what the game looks and feels on ps3. But to pay something like 100€ for it.?. I'd buy something like spin tires or even save for pcars or gta5 for pc instead. Or save for ps4. Or get goat simulator. Or get couple of ships for star citizen... or ssd or something else for your computer.
  5. Thanks for the reply guys....

    Thing is GT6 really appeals to me though.........while I do agree that the series needs a new fresh take on things to spice things up there still isn't ANY driving/racing game on the market today that can compete with the features GT6 has to offer...amazing graphics that are arguably on par with the next gen Forza 5, Night and Rain driving, Dirt and Snow Rallying, a great photomode, 1200 cars while many are small underpowered economy cars its still awesome to me that I can drive a 23 horsepower Subaru..i love driving cars period! a wide array of races you can compete in that honestly I haven't seen in any other game besides GT.

    I do agree that GT needs change and needs to win back a lot of people by doing something AMAZING and innovative for GT7...I also think that maybe all the negative feedback from the community is a bit unwarranted and quiet frankly I don't understand it....GT6 still has probably the greatest amount of content ever in a racing game that can keep real car guys busy for ages....

    I think im going to give it a try....ps3s now adays can be found for under 140 bucks...worst comes to worst if GT6 really does suck(which honestly I doubt..always loved the GT series and loved the design of the game) I can always just sell the system along with the game(s) and get back most if not all of my money....

    and about Assetto Corsa, I may sound stupid right now but the game is SO GOOD I actually stopped playing it, I feel AC will spoil all the other great racing sims for me...the game is still in beta with only a handful of cars and limited content I really don't want AC ruining GT for me or even all the other racing games out there...AC is really THAT GOOD. I forsee myself abandoning every racing game for AC in the coming years once AC`s modding community starts turning out mods. Started playing Shift 1 again and ive been enjoying it mightly, and obviously GT6 is about a hundred times better then that...

    Just one question for you guys though, is it easy to break traction on cars such as a C7, the Vipers or any of the muscle cars? In the videos doesn't seem like you can power out corners and do a small drift with the higher powered cars...
  6. William Wester

    William Wester

    If you enjoy virtually driving a 23 hp Subaru then maybe GT is for you. I played my copy for maybe 20 hours before moving on. Not my cup of tea, no need for me to state all of the reasons why.
  7. Well, it sounds like you were hoping for justification for your purchase rather than honest feedback. Who are we to tell you how to spend your money, but you've been warned that you will likely be disspaointed and grow bored with GT6 very quickly. Don't get me wrong, GT6 is playable, you might even enjoy it for a week.
  8. GT6 is a watered down version of GT5 with more tracks/cars and better physics. Physics are still not in the same league as Assetto Corsa though, but the tracks are nothing short of amazing. GT AI has not really improved in any noticeable way since GT4 and they are really slow and lifeless, they do strange things (like braking halfway around a corner) that can really be frustrating.

    There are some fun events in GT6 but the game is a lot less fleshed out than GT5 was. It's strange given that GT6 is an evolution of GT5 that it's actually a smaller game in terms of content and features.

    It's worth trying for the oldschool Gran Turismo game style (it hasn't changed at all), and it's nice to be able to try an absolutely monsterous list of cars on a really quality and varied track selection. But I wouldn't buy a PS3 for it, gameplay wise you're going to be disapointed compared to Assetto Corsa... it's worlds apart. The price of a PS3 and GT6 is a lot of money to throw in just to play one game, if it was a great game then for sure but it's widely considered that the Gran Turismo series has stagnated and fallen behind.
  9. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    The physics at GT6 launch were better than they are now. I think they made it worse with a few of the updates, but that's just my opinion.

    Assetto Corsa (from the couple of hours I managed to play it) has some really nice physics.